ZURU’s Hottest Holiday Toys for 2019

ZURU's Hottest Holiday Toys for 2019 ~ #ZURU #giftideas #giftsforkids #HolidayGiftGuide #sponsored

If there’s something consistent about my gift-giving during the holidays, it’s that ZURU is always somewhere on my list. Now, I know it may seem a little early to be talking about holiday gift-giving, but I shop all year long so that when the holidays actually arrive, I’m not stressing over gifts and neither is my wallet. That being said, I’ve already scoped out ZURU’s hottest holiday toys for 2019 and have listed the best gift ideas below!

ZURU's Hottest Holiday Toys for 2019 ~ #ZURU #giftideas #giftsforkids #HolidayGiftGuide #sponsored

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1. Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama

Are you a big fan of ZURU’s Pets Alive brand? Do your kids love to dance? Then Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama must be on your holiday shopping list! With 3 hip songs to dance to and this llama’s epic boppin’, booty shakin’, and head spinnin’ moves, Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama will get the whole family up and moving.

Take a look!

Buy Boppi the Booty Shakin’ Llama here and shake it like nobody is watching!

2. Rainbocorns Big Bow Surprise!

New to the ZURU family is Rainbocorns Big Bow Surprise, the biggest surprise egg with over 25 BOW-utiful surprises. Just crack open the egg to reveal your new best friend – Belle, Bobbi or Bowie – and then peel open the rest of the layers to discover new sequin patterned hearts that you can share and swap, adorable accessories, stickers, and more. Oh, and don’t forget to pop the sparkly Big Bow off the golden egg and wear it as the cutest accessory!

Rainbocorns aren’t available until October 11th, but we were lucky enough to get a sneak peek. The sheer joy and excitement on my daughter’s face tells me this is going to big this holiday season.

Check it out!

3. Dino Smashers

Smashers are a popular ZURU toy and come in many varieties, but the Dino Smashers are a family favorite. Just recently we did an unboxing of not one, not two, but three products from the Dino Smashers line –  Smash Rex, Dino Smash Eggs, and the kids’ favorite, the Epic Dino Egg.

From Smash Rex eating, smashing and pooping out the collectible smashers, to cracking open the Epic Dino Egg and discovering all things prehistoric, the whole Dino Smashers line offers a lot of fun. And with 100+ dinosaur characters to collect, the fun never stops!

ZURU's Hottest Holiday Toys for 2019 ~ #ZURU #DinoSmashers #giftideas #giftsforkids #sponsored

As I just mentioned, the Epic Dino Egg was my kids’ favorite part of our unboxing and it’s not just because it included over 25 surprises from the land before time. But just when we thought we were done, it was the unexpected discovery at the very end that was the best part.

See exactly what I mean!


Ready for all the prehistoric fun of Dino Smashers? Buy them today and mark them off your holiday shopping list!

Smash Rex ~ Dino Smasher Eggs ~ Epic Dino Egg

4. 5 Surprise

ZURU's Hottest Holiday Toys for 2019 ~ #ZURU #5Surprise #giftideas #giftsforkids #sponsoredI don’t know many people who don’t like a mystery box. Have you ever purchased a grab bag of some sort? 5 Surprise is basically the same thing, but for kids. You never know what you’re going to discover inside!

With a few different varieties to choose from and being about the size of your palm, they make great stocking stuffers. This year I’ll be slipping a few of the 5 Surprise Unicorn Squad and 5 Surprise Mini Brands in my daughter’s stocking.

ZURU's Hottest Holiday Toys for 2019 ~ #ZURU #5Surprise #giftideas #giftsforkids #sponsored

What will each capsule reveal? To find out, just unwrap, peel and find out! Each 5 Surprise Unicorn Squad comes with 1 of 12 sassy unicorns, stickers, a comb for the unicorn’s tail, and interchangeable dress-up accessories. They’re perfect for trading and swapping with friends, so you can build your own unique squad.

ZURU's Hottest Holiday Toys for 2019 ~ #ZURU #5Surprise #giftideas #giftsforkids #sponsored

And the 5 Surprise Mini Brands come with some of the cutest little brand name items we use in everyday life – shampoo, soap, candy, food, etc. The first thing that comes to my mind is Barbie-sized products. I foresee my daughter playing with her dolls, pretending they’re shopping for these everyday products.

Add some miniature fun to the holidays with these fun 5 Surprise balls!

Unicorn Squad ~ Mini Brands

Will ZURU be on your holiday shopping list this year? They’re brands and toys are always fun and engaging, and I know no matter what I gift my kids from ZURU, they’re sure to have a blast.

Is ZURU on your holiday shopping list?

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ZURU's Hottest Holiday Toys for 2019 ~ #ZURU #giftideas #giftsforkids #HolidayGiftGuide #sponsored