Try It Tuesday: Magnetic Eyelashes

Try It Tuesday: Magnetic Eyelashes | #magneticlashes #TryItTuesday

Longer, fuller lashes have been a long time beauty want for many women. Did you know for a lot of women stopping clumpy lashes is a priority, since they are instantly ageing and look unnatural. Who wants to have their eyelashes stuck together when their intention is to look cute? Not me. There are a variety of beauty trends to achieve just this – mascaras, serums, extensions, falsies, and the newest trend, magnetic eyelashes. Some women are willing to try it all to find what works best. While I haven’t tried some of these, like extensions and serums, I have tried some mascaras and falsies, but not magnetic ones. So this week I decided to give magnetic eyelashes a try.

Try It Tuesday: Magnetic Eyelashes | #magneticlashes #TryItTuesday

~I received a discounted sample to help facilitate this post. This post also contains affiliate links, in which I will receive a small commission for your purchase. Thank you for helping support this blog! As always, opinions are still 100% my own.~

So, magnetic eyelashes. Having used false eyelashes before and not being a big fan of using glue along my lash line, I thought maybe magnetic eyelashes would be fun to try. There’s no glue required, so no mess or pulling when removed, and they’d also last longer. Plus, they would be easier to apply, right? This was my thought process when I decided to give magnetic eyelashes a try, but after MULTIPLE attempts I decided they just aren’t for me. Check it out!

Try It Tuesday: Magnetic Eyelashes | #magneticlashes #TryItTuesday


Prohapi 4 Piece False Magnetic Eyelashes – $11.99 on Amazon


On two occasions I have tried putting these magnetic eyelashes on. Overall I’ve probably spent about an hour working with them, and in my opinion, an hour too long. In all reality, who wants to spend THAT long applying fake eyelashes? I sure don’t. My next plan is to visit Xlash and read tips on how to get great looking natural lashes!

Try It Tuesday: Magnetic Eyelashes | #magneticlashes #TryItTuesday


Per the instructions on the box:

  1. Place one piece of magnetic false eyelashes over your eye while making sure it aligns with your natural lashes.
  2. Let the top lash rest on the eye’s lids where it is and pick up the bottom false magnetic eyelash.
  3. Place the bottom lash under the natural lashes so that it aligns with the top lash and connect them – that’s it you’re done!


I’ve already told you magnetic eyelashes just aren’t for me, so obviously it didn’t work out. I’m not saying it won’t work for you or anyone else, but as far as I’m concerned, I’ll just stick to regular falsies and eyelash glue.

The how-to up there? IT. DOES. NOT. WORK.

Here’s why:

  1. If you try to apply these on bare lashes (no mascara), it won’t just sit in place on top of your lash. You may find it immediately falls off, or when you look down to get the lash for the bottom, the top one will fall off.
    • With that being said, I also tried applying these after applying mascara to my natural lashes. I did find the top lash stayed on my natural lash (most of the time), but I still encountered other problems.
  2. It’s not as easy as connecting the top and bottom magnetic lashes. If you’re eye/lash line, like mine or just about anyone’s, has a curve to it, you have to try to curve the magnetic lashes to match your lash line. Otherwise, you end up with a funky, straight looking false lash and that is not a good look. If the magnetic lashes came with a bit more of a curvature, I think it may help a little bit.
  3. As soon as the magnetic force hits, there is no stopping it. What happened when I tried applying these is that when I did get them on my real lashes, they were nowhere near my lash line. They would end up about midway on my natural lashes. So not only was curvature a problem, but I could never get the magnets right at my lash line. If I did, it was because a tiny portion of my upper water line was in between the magnets and that is not at all comfortable. Even after trying to adjust them, I just couldn’t get them to look right.

Try It Tuesday: Magnetic Eyelashes | #magneticlashes #TryItTuesday

So, after all of the failed attempts with the original instructions, I tried something a bit different. Rather than starting with the top magnetic lash, I tried putting the bottom one on and closing my eye. I thought maybe with my eye closed it would hold the magnetic lash in place and make it easier to apply the top one. WRONG. I couldn’t get this to work either. I still encountered the same problems – lash falling down, curvature, magnets aligning at lash line. It just didn’t work.

After an hour of trying to get these magnetic eyelashes on, I just gave up. They aren’t for me.

Do I Recommend?

The short answer is no. Like I said earlier, these didn’t work for me, but it doesn’t mean they won’t work for you. They have a few good reviews on Amazon so they obviously work for someone. Maybe I need to try a different brand. Maybe I need to find some magnetic lashes that have more of a preset curvature to them. Maybe I need more practice. Although after an hour of trying these, I don’t know that I’ll try with them again.

Have you ever tried magnetic eyelashes? I’d love to hear about your experience and results!

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*I received a discounted sample to help facilitate this post. This post also contains affiliate links, in which I will receive a small commission for your purchase. Thank you for helping support this blog! As always, opinions are still 100% my own. Please see this blog’s full policies and disclosure here.

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