The Power of a Travel Agent in My Pocket

The Power of a Travel Agent in my Pocket ~ #Takeabed #makingtimeformemories #savingmoney #travel #findahotel

Let’s talk vacations and travel in general. Sometimes I just want to get away with the family and make memories somewhere new. It sounds good and all, but my wallet doesn’t always agree. Anytime we make the decision to travel somewhere, we have to take into consideration the cost of said travel, accommodations, food and any kind of excursions or adventures along the way. It adds up quick! But now that I have the power of a travel agent in my pocket, with Takeabed, I can save on accommodations like never before.

The Power of a Travel Agent in my Pocket ~ #Takeabed #makingtimeformemories #savingmoney #travel #findahotel

~This is a sponsored post on behalf of Takeabed. As always, opinions are still 100% my own.~

I have so many dreams of visiting here and there, and have actually taken the time to plan out family visits to certain locations. As soon as I put a price tag on a destination, I realize the dream is just financially out of reach right now. So, more often than not, plans and family vacations get put on the back burner, the one that nobody ever uses.

About a month ago, I came across this app called Takeabed and it’s literally like having a travel agent in my pocket. Did you know that hotels offer wholesale pricing, but they can’t (or don’t) advertise those prices publicly?

Take those “name your own price” offers, for instance. When you book a hotel, you have no idea where you’re going to be staying, aside from a hotel rating and a general location. But the price you pay almost always beats out big booking sites. Those are wholesale prices without direct advertising from the hotels.

The Power of a Travel Agent in my Pocket ~ #Takeabed #makingtimeformemories #savingmoney #travel #findahotel

What does this have to do with Takeabed? Well, Takeabed shows you wholesale hotel pricing for wherever you (or your friends) want to go! Want to visit Disney World? Takeabed can find you wholesale hotel pricing at WDW’s backdoor. Want to go on a ski vacation in Colorado? Takeabed has the affordable accommodations you’re looking for.

The Power of a Travel Agent in my Pocket ~ #Takeabed #makingtimeformemories #savingmoney #travel #findahotel

The best part, is it’s free to sign up! I simply downloaded the app, created my account and I’m already planning our next family adventure.

And the perks don’t stop there! I have the ability to share deals with you and make a few bucks at the same time. Anytime I share a hotel deal and someone books that deal, I earn a minimum 10% commission (and up to 30%). That’s not just for someone else booking, either. I earn the same commission when I make a booking myself! I’m literally earning cash back when I book my own vacations.

The Power of a Travel Agent in my Pocket ~ #Takeabed #makingtimeformemories #savingmoney #travel #findahotel

If you’re someone who travels often or gets asked a lot, “Hey, I’m visiting such and such next week, where do you recommend I stay?,” then the Takeabed app will help you share hotel deals and earn some extra vacation money for yourself. I mean, consider yourself a travel agent, why don’t you?

Where will you be making memories next?

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