Used Toys Donation Letter from Santa

Old Toy Donation Letter from Santa

When the holidays roll around and I start planning gifts for my kids, I look around my house and wonder where the heck they are going to put their new stuff. Be it clothes, shoes, toys, games, whatever. I usually take it upon myself to just go through all of their stuff and get rid of what doesn’t fit or what they don’t play with. This year I decided to do something different – a used toys donation letter from Santa.

Old Toy Donation Letter from Santa

Okay, so I’ll still be the one to go through my kids’ clothes and set aside what doesn’t fit, but when it comes to their toys, there’s no reason they can’t do that themselves. In the past I’ve tried to do this when they were out with family or my son was at school, so there would be no crying over it, but it was time for a change. Over the weekend my kids both received a letter from Santa asking them to choose some of their toys to donate to other kids.

What I like about having my kids do it themselves is that (1) they get to tell me what they do and don’t play with (even though I already have a good idea) and (2) they’re learning to give to others.

This letter they received from Santa asked them each to choose 5 toys to donate. They were tasked with picking out those 5 toys themselves and giving them to me. Santa also asked that they not be sad about giving their toys away because they will be going to other kids to play with.

Santa sent my kids an old toy donation letter

Santa also sent along a little pre-Christmas gift for the kids to share, but with a stipulation. At the bottom of the letter he added a P.S. stating they had to clean their room AND fill up a whole bag with toys to donate. It was the only way they would be able to open the gift early. He’d be happy with just the 5 toys, but a whole bag would be even better.

Ya’ll…my kids did an amazing job! They cleaned up their room yesterday and had no problem filling up a whole bag of toys to donate. In fact, we had to double bag it because it was so heavy and then had an extra bag for a larger toy.

I did sit down in their room and help, but I was so proud they were willing to give up so much. In all honesty, I don’t know that I could have gathered that much stuff if I had done it myself.

Want to get your kids in the giving spirit, and get them to clean up at the same time? Print your free Toy Donation Letter from Santa below.

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Do you have your kids purge unused toys around the holidays?

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