Tips for Staying Safe on a Cruise Vacation

Tips for Staying Safe on a Cruise Vacation ~ #cruise #cruisesafety #safetytips #cruisesafetytips #vacation

Taking a cruise is a truly safe way to vacation and travel, but no matter how safe a form of travel or
vacation destination is, it’s always good to know some extra safety tips. As I plan a fun little cruise getaway with my mom (it’s her first one), it has become very clear that she’s quite skeptical when it comes to safety. Having been on more than one cruise myself, I’m finding that I have to reassure her we’ll be okay. This got me to thinking…since cruises are popular all year round, I wanted to take a moment to share some tips for staying safe.  So the next time you opt to go on a cruise vacation, or have to convince someone else it’s a safe way to vacation, these tips will come in handy.

Tips for Staying Safe on a Cruise Vacation ~ #cruise #cruisesafety #safetytips #cruisesafetytips #vacation

Always Have a Buddy

Even if you’re taking a cruise solo, try to find someone you can use as a buddy during your time aboard the cruise ship and off the ship. Be it someone in a neighboring cabin, someone who’s dining with you at your dinner table, or someone you happen to meet at one of the many activities. This will ensure you are always safe using the old school “buddy method” that most of us learned as children. If you’re already traveling with someone, you already have your buddy. Having a buddy with you as often as possible allows you to have two sets of ears and eyes for what’s going on aboard and off-board the cruise ship.

Drink Responsibly

This is a common sense tip for staying safe on a cruise, but sometimes alcohol gets the best of us. If
you’re on vacation relaxing and are a person who enjoys an alcoholic beverage or two, it’s easy to drink one too many beverages. Try to keep yourself paced and drink responsibly when on your cruise
vacation. This will allow you to always be on guard and aware of your surroundings.

Always Close the Cabin Door

Sometimes the cruise ship cabin doors don’t fully shut on their own. Always be certain to give your
cabin door a tug or push to ensure that it shuts tightly behind you. Keeping yourself locked in
your cabin will keep it less likely that an intruder can get in. This is probably one of the biggest ways to ensure you stay safe on a cruise while sleeping and enjoying downtime in privacy.

Use Your Safe

This should be a no-brainer, but the safe in your cabin isn’t there to look pretty! It’s important to use your safe to lock up any valuables, such as your smaller laptop or tablet when you’re outside of the cabin. The safe is a good addition for you to know that if someone gets into your cabin to clean that there is minimal risk of having your valuables stolen.

Muster Drill

Lastly, you’ll have a muster drill on your first day aboard the cruise ship. Even if you’ve been on a cruise before, be sure to pay attention during this muster drill as it will give you key details on where to go when an emergency arises. Depending on where your cabin is located on the ship, where you need to go can change from cruise to cruise, and even cruise line to cruise line. The muster drill will let you know what certain alarm sounds are for and how to put on a life jacket, making it essential, and it’s important that you pay attention during the drill to stay safe on a cruise.

There you have it, a few tips for staying safe on a cruise. These tips will surely help you enjoy your
cruise vacation without any major mishaps. Now sit back, relax, enjoy your vacation and make some amazing memories!

What tips would you add to stay safe on a cruise?

Tips for Staying Safe on a Cruise Vacation ~ #cruise #cruisesafety #safetytips #cruisesafetytips #vacation

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