Helping the Summer Learning Slump with TinkerActive Workbooks

TinkerActive Workbooks are Real Hands-On Learning Fun ~ #ad #MomsMeet #TinkerActiveWorkbooks @MomsMeet @odddotbooks #handsonlearning #tinkeringfun

Think your kids won’t forget the basics over summer break? Think again! I know from experience that it can happen. Too many video games and not enough learning over the summer, made for a rough start to the school year for my son. That’s why I’m glad I found something that will help him gets hands-on at home, not only during the summer, but during the school year too – TinkerActive Workbooks.

TinkerActive Workbooks are Real Hands-On Learning Fun ~ #ad #MomsMeet #TinkerActiveWorkbooks @MomsMeet @odddotbooks #handsonlearning #tinkeringfun

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It has been almost 3 weeks that my son has been back in school. It took no time before the daily homework started coming home and right away, I knew he needed some kind of refresher course. I had to take a minute to ask myself, is it really possible to forget the basics over a 2 month summer break? Ya’ll, I don’t know if it’s laziness or that he has simply just forgotten, but it is possible.

I feel like now that my son is getting back into a regular school routine, things are starting to come back to him. He seems to be doing better in week 3 than he has the past couple of weeks. That said, I want to keep the momentum going and have been looking for ways to supplement his school lessons, at home.

TinkerActive Workbooks are Real Hands-On Learning Fun ~ #ad #MomsMeet #TinkerActiveWorkbooks @MomsMeet @odddotbooks #handsonlearning #tinkeringfun

Over the summer we got the opportunity to do a few fun educational hands-on activities and he seemed to really enjoy those. I’ve always loved learning by getting hands-on and it appears that my son is the same way. So when I got the opportunity to try TinkerActive Workbooks, I jumped at the chance. In the name alone – TinkerActive – I knew my son was in for a treat because there’s no doubt hands-on tinkering would be involved.

In a nutshell, TinkerActive Workbooks contain multiple curriculum-based exercises, that combine tinkering, making and engineering. These collectively encourage the learning of essential problem-solving skills. The workbooks help to equip even the youngest of school-aged children with STEM power, as the workbooks start at the kindergarten level.

What’s so great about TinkerActive Workbooks?

  • They’re designed to build fundamental math and science skills.
  • The STEM knowledge and skills provided, help to teach critical ways of engaging with and exploring the world.
  • Activities offer play-based learning, project-based learning and tinkering, which makes hands-on education fun.
  • The workbooks encourage kids to try new things, discover new skills and imagine new possibilities.
  • Specially designed activities tap into popular trends in K-12 education.TinkerActive Workbooks are Real Hands-On Learning Fun ~ #ad #MomsMeet #TinkerActiveWorkbooks @MomsMeet @odddotbooks #handsonlearning #tinkeringfun
  • Friendly, fuzzy creatures, the TinkerActive MotMots, help guide kids through each skill and project, in a fun and effective way.
  • Upon completion of each project, your child can keep track of their accomplishments by placing stickers on the “TinkerActive Expert” poster.\
  • Hidden in the back cover, each book includes a collectible magnet, designed to look like an embroidered merit badge and symbolizing the completion of a TinkerActive Workbook. Collect them all!

TinkerActive Workbooks are Real Hands-On Learning Fun ~ #ad #MomsMeet #TinkerActiveWorkbooks @MomsMeet @odddotbooks #handsonlearning #tinkeringfun


To try out these TinkerActive Workbooks, I was provided with the Math and Science Workbooks for kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade. This is perfect because my oldest son started 2nd grade this year and while my daughter is preschool aged, it’s never too soon to start preparing for kindergarten.

Considering my son had a rocky start to the new school year and my preschooler is learning to count, I was excited that one of the 1st grade math activities provided could help them both out. It would be a fun refresher for my son and a way to help my daughter practice her counting. It was a quick tinker, but effective nonetheless.

TinkerActive Workbooks are Real Hands-On Learning Fun ~ #ad #MomsMeet #TinkerActiveWorkbooks @MomsMeet @odddotbooks #handsonlearning #tinkeringfun

TinkerActive Workbooks are Real Hands-On Learning Fun ~ #ad #MomsMeet #TinkerActiveWorkbooks @MomsMeet @odddotbooks #handsonlearning #tinkeringfun

Using simple supplies like a balloon, a couple of paper plates and popsicle sticks, and some tape, the kids quickly created their own “paddle ball” game. The concept of the game was to hit the balloon back and forth with the paper plate paddles, counting and increasing their scores by 1 each time they successfully hit the balloon to the other person. If at any point the balloon hit the floor, the person who missed it had to subtract 3 points from their score. First person to 20 points, won.

TinkerActive Workbooks are Real Hands-On Learning Fun ~ #ad #MomsMeet #TinkerActiveWorkbooks @MomsMeet @odddotbooks #handsonlearning #tinkeringfun

The kids had an absolute blast playing and because they created their own paddles, it made the game even more fun. Even little brother got in on the action! I don’t think any of them actually made it all the way to 20 points, but everyone was practicing their counting, which made this mama smile.

While the kids were playing “paddle ball,” I took a minute to browse through the 2nd grade workbooks (since my son is in 2nd grade) and low and behold, what do I find? A few pages of activities on the subject of even and odd numbers. This is exactly what my son has been working on at school this week!



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So guess what? We’ll be using these TinkerActive Workbooks not only over summer breaks, but during the school year too. They’re such a great tool to reinforce at home, the same concepts being learned in school. I know my son is going to love the tinker, make and engineer projects for the odd/even number topic. They involve making homemade chocolate popsicles, which is his favorite!

I like to consider myself a somewhat creative person, but when it comes to teaching and helping my kids learn, I just don’t have it in me. That’s why I’m so excited to have these TinkerActive Workbooks on hand. By tinkering, making and engineering at home, in addition to what’s being done at school, I know my kids will get a grasp on each and every concept they’re learning.

So, do you want to put a hault to that summer learning slump? Or want to help supplement your child’s learning at home? Shoot, do you just want something fun to do with the kids? The next time you’re browsing Amazon, or out and about anywhere books are sold, add a TinkerActive Workbook to your cart and let the fun begin!

Oh, they’ll be adding English subject workbooks soon, too. I can’t wait for that! They’re currently on pre-order on Amazon!

TinkerActive Workbooks are Real Hands-On Learning Fun ~ #ad #MomsMeet #TinkerActiveWorkbooks @MomsMeet @odddotbooks #handsonlearning #tinkeringfun

Are you ready to help your kids tinker, make and engineer?

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