Tasty Tuesday with Harlow’s Harvest

Tasty Tuesday with Harlow's Harvest ~ #HarlowsHarvest #TastyTuesday #kelpnoodles #kidswhocook

Since summer started, I’ve really been trying to organize some kind of weekly schedule to keep my kids engaged and learning. While some days haven’t really worked out the way I planned, the one day that we’ve yet to miss so far, is Tasty Tuesday. Every Tuesday we head to our kitchen, where I teach my kids how to cook a simple dish. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen our Tasty Tuesday creations. Last week our Tasty Tuesday was compliments of Harlow’s Harvest and even I got to try something new.

Tasty Tuesday with Harlow's Harvest ~ #HarlowsHarvest #TastyTuesday #kelpnoodles #kidswhocook

~I received a sample to help facilitate this post. As always, opinions are still 100% my own.~

My kids love to help cook and I find that even when my picky eating son helps in the kitchen, he’s more prone to try new things. That’s exactly what happened last week when we made Lemon Avocado Kelp Noodles, a kid-friendly recipe from Harlow’s Harvest.

What is Harlow’s Harvest?

Harlow’s Harvest all started from the idea of 7 year old, Harlow, a young girl living in New York City. Like many kids, Harlow loves cooking and her kitchen skills are constantly growing and improving. She wanted to share her love of cooking with other kids, so that when they all reach college age they’ll have mastered a few life skills (budgeting, cooking) and will be able to care for themselves.

I love this because I used to cook all the time with my grandmother. I’m talking nothing but down home country cooking. From growing our own food, to preparing and cooking everything from scratch, I always had a great time learning to cook. I’m now seeing the same joy in my own kids.

Tasty Tuesday with Harlow's Harvest ~ #HarlowsHarvest #TastyTuesday #kelpnoodles #kidswhocook

With the help of her mom, Harlow created Harlow’s Harvest, a monthly subscription box for kids. It’s the perfect way to bring families together in the kitchen, and exactly why we incorporated it into our Tasty Tuesday. Each Harlow’s Harvest box includes:

  • 3 Laminated (and Spill Proof) Recipe Cards
  • New Kitchen Tool (to help young chefs master their skills)
  • Monthly Collectible Pin (pin them to the apron)
  • Monthly Kitchen Science Project
  • Grocery List and Budgeting Card for the Grocery Store

All of Harlow’s recipes are wholesome and nutritious, and each one starts from the very beginning of the cooking process. The kids had their grocery list and budget to stick to, which we took to the store where the kids picked out the produce and everything we needed for the recipe. The Lemon Avocado Kelp Noodles recipe was perfect for teaching my kids how to know when an avocado is ripe, a lesson even some adults haven’t learned.

Tasty Tuesday with Harlow's Harvest ~ #HarlowsHarvest #TastyTuesday #kelpnoodles #kidswhocook

About those Lemon Avocado Kelp Noodles… I didn’t even know kelp noodles were a thing, so this was something new to me, as well as the kids. We ended up driving to Whole Foods just for the kelp noodles because our go-to grocery store didn’t carry them, but you can’t have Lemon Avocado Kelp Noodles without the main ingredient.

When we got back home the kids were pumped up and ready to get cooking, so we got to work right away. As in most recipes, the kids learned more about reading and following directions, using different forms of measuring, and even got to use the blender (that was a little scary for them, haha).

Tasty Tuesday with Harlow's Harvest ~ #HarlowsHarvest #TastyTuesday #kelpnoodles #kidswhocook

Tasty Tuesday with Harlow's Harvest ~ #HarlowsHarvest #TastyTuesday #kelpnoodles #kidswhocook

Tasty Tuesday with Harlow's Harvest ~ #HarlowsHarvest #TastyTuesday #kelpnoodles #kidswhocook

Once we were all done with our Lemon Avocado Kelp Noodles, everyone in the house got a taste and we scored it 4 out of 5 stars. My picky eater gave it a thumbs up at first, but a few more bites changed his mind. Kelp noodles really don’t have any flavor alone, so all the flavor is in what you add to them. Every bite I took, I was sure to include some fresh tomato, kale or basil, and it made all the difference. Since he’s a picky eater he’s not much into those, so all he was eating was the noodles and I think they were just too bland for him.

For everyone’s first time trying kelp noodles, I’d say it was a hit. And even though my oldest son didn’t like it, I was very proud that he at least tried it. It’s a rare thing for him to try anything new, so all around I’d call it a win. Plus, we’ve decided to try kelp noodles again! Thanks, Harlow’s Harvest, for a successful Tasty Tuesday!

Have you ever tried kelp noodles?

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Tasty Tuesday with Harlow's Harvest ~ #HarlowsHarvest #TastyTuesday #kelpnoodles #kidswhocook

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  1. My little girl loves to be a helper in the kitchen too. We have never tried kelp noodles though. May have to give it a shot. The apron is super cute too.

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