Shinesty Matching Holiday Outfits

Shinesty Matching Holiday Outfits

When I was little, matching outfits were really only for the kids. But now? Us adults are getting in on the fun, especially around the holidays. This year, not only do my boyfriend and I have matching holiday outfits, but we’re showing our weird and shining while we do it.

Shinesty Matching Holiday Outfits

~I received a sample to help facilitate this post. As always, opinions are still 100% my own.~

I’m sure you’ve heard of, seen, or maybe even taken part in an ugly Christmas sweater party. But get this…Shinesty is taking the trend to a whole new level with ugly Christmas suits and dresses, pajamas and even under garments. And of course, there are sweaters too.

You see, Shinesty takes some of the most iconic symbols of the holidays, including Hanukkah, and creates designs that the whole family can wear. Like ugly Christmas sweaters, the designs are pretty over the top, but so much fun to wear.

Couples Matching Holiday Attire

I first heard of Shinesty after receiving an email, and at first glance I was just kind of like, this would be fun, but I doubt my boyfriend would go along with it. He’s never been one to willingly dress up in matching outfits when I wanted to. It has always taken some convincing. But this year, it didn’t take much to persuade him.

After looking at the options, he picked out a few of his favorites and I took it from there. A Christmas Story happens to be his favorite holiday movie and low and behold, Shinesty has a design called “The Fragile,” obviously named after it’s leg lamp design. The leg lamp is such an iconic part of the movie, so I just knew that was the design we needed to wear to our holiday parties this year.

Shinesty "The Fragile" Matching Holiday Outfits

Shop the photo: Men’s “The Fragile” Leg Lamp Christmas Suit | Women’s “The Fragile” Leg Lamp Skater Dress

Quite honestly, when I ordered, I was a little worried we would look a little too tacky, but ya know what…who cares? We’ve had so much fun with it! And it ended up not looking as crazy as I thought it would.

No doubt, we’ve been the highlight of every holiday party and gathering we’ve been to. There have been lots of laughs and “oh my goshes,” but it’s so fun to see the looks on everyone’s face when we walk in.

Shinesty Nordic DesignIf you’re not exactly ready to go full force and get all crazy with a whole outfit, the guys can start with a simple tie. Or, if you want to keep your weirdness at home, try the pajamas. Some of the themes are strictly independent or have couples outfits, but there are others that include the whole family, even your pets.

While you shop around the Shinesty website for the perfect matching holiday outfits, keep in mind that you can save $20 on your first order when you subscribe to their emails. If you like to keep it weird, trust me, you are going to love their emails.

Shinesty has so many different outfits, not just holiday themed, but others that can be worn year-round to keep things fun. The ability to put a smile on someone’s face and have fun at the same time, is sometimes all it takes to make my day great, and Shinesty helps me do that.

Shinesty Matching Family Holiday Pajamas

Stay weird and shine on!

What is your favorite Shinesty holiday design?

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Shinesty Matching Holiday Outfits    Shinesty Matching Holiday Outfits