Printable Thanksgiving Placemat for Kids

Have you started planning your Thanksgiving holiday? The kids will absolutely love this Thanksgiving placemat printable! With 4 different types of activities, it will at least keep them occupied as their food cools off.

Printable Thanksgiving Placemat for Kids

I know a lot of us tend to jump from Halloween straight to Christmas, at least as far as decorations. But I highly doubt anyone just skips Thanksgiving altogether. I’m in the midst of planning my family’s Thanksgiving gathering and in doing so, thought it would be nice to create something special for the kids.

Of course, it’s always a fun time to get family and friends together, but making sure the kids can stay occupied without getting into trouble, can sometimes be a challenge. This holiday, I decided to create a Thanksgiving-themed placemat to print out for each kid. Just like the ones they get when eating out at a restaurant.

Printable Thanksgiving Placemat for Kids

Placemat Activities

  • 3 Tic-Tac-Toe Boards
  • Maze
  • “I am thankful for…” activity
  • 7 fun graphics to color

Just imagine how cool the kids table is going to be this Thanksgiving! Lay out the printable placemats, put a small bucket, jar or box of crayons in the middle of the table, and let the fun and games begin.

Print the Thanksgiving placemat here!

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