Photo a Day: Weeks 33 & 34

Photo a Day: Weeks 33 & 34 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear

Photo a Day: Weeks 33 & 34 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear

I’m finding it harder and harder to keep up with my Photo a Day posts. Time is just flying by and weeks have passed before I realize it. I think I’m going to have to set reminders for myself so I can stay on track. This series will be over before I know it!

Week 33

Photo a Day: Weeks 33 & 34 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear
This week was our first real snow of the season, so there was staring out the window at the sight all week and a day of digging ourselves out of the house. Before the snow fell I did a grocery store run and did some couponing, which I haven’t done in awhile. It felt good to save so much money and I can’t wait for my next coupon trip! Other than that, it looks like the kids stole my phone for some goofy pics and I discovered one was eating in my bed, which explains where all the crumbs came from that I was sleeping in. Oh, and daddy made into the picture roll at some point too.

Week 34

Photo a Day: Weeks 33 & 34 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear
This week was back to school. It was too cold to walk so I drove my son to school and there was a snow pile blocking an entire lane of traffic, and it was higher than my SUV (the pic was taken from my driver side window). Exciting during the week was my son’s 6th birthday, a new potty because it’s potty training time, and some yummy homemade chocolate peanut clusters. Funny this week was my daughter grabbing a whole chicken thigh and going to town, and her falling asleep in the middle of the kids room when they were supposed to be cleaning it.

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