Photo a Day: Weeks 30, 31, 32

Photo a Day: Weeks 30, 31, 32 | #photoadayforayear #photoaday

Photo a Day: Weeks 30, 31, 32 | #photoadayforayear #photoaday

Well, the holidays definitely got in the way of updating my Photo a Day, so this time around you get three weeks worth. At least enjoying the holidays is a good excuse to be late! Who’s ready for New Year’s?!

Week 30

Photo a Day: Weeks 30, 31, 32 | #photoadayforayear #photoaday
While trying to endure the cold weather (that has only gotten colder), the kids got new winter coats. We tried to stay indoors as much as possible, but had to venture out to BJ’s where my daughter admired the holiday inflatables, and I also had a dentist’s appointment. My daughter was “working” on her LeapFrog tablet while we waited.

Week 31

Photo a Day: Weeks 30, 31, 32 | #photoadayforayear #photoaday
The week before Christmas was still all about Christmas. My son had a festive week at school where he got to dress out of his uniform each day (PJ day was his fav), and we made his class Christmas cards and goody bags. We also got to see Santa and the kids got an early present from their uncle (that racetrack is loud by the way). All of the fun Christmas activities wore the kids out, so some relaxing was had too.

Week 32

Photo a Day: Weeks 30, 31, 32 | #photoadayforayear #photoaday
Christmas week! Just look at that face of surprise and excitement on Christmas morning. We made Santa cookies to leave under the tree and after Christmas was over, it was back to good ol’ PB&J sandwiches. I had to go back to the doctor for my third attempt at an anatomy ultrasound because our little guy didn’t want to show his left hand. The ultrasound tech had to toggle between 2D and 3D ultrasound, so I lucked out and got a 3D pic of him. Then it was back to normal shenanigans, like my daughter stealing my spot in bed.

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