Photo a Day: Weeks 26 & 27

Photo a Day: Weeks 26 & 27 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear

Photo a Day: Weeks 26 & 27 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear

Admittedly, I almost forgot the new Photo a Day post. The holidays have been a bit hectic, but luckily, I remembered before getting too far into a new week. And can you believe it? I’ve made it halfway through the year already! Boy, has it flown by and I’m sure the other half will fly by just as fast. Enjoy!

Week 26

Photo a Day: Weeks 26 & 27 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear
This week was busy, but we made time for some naps in between it all. My son disguised his turkey as Batman so it wouldn’t get eaten for Thanksgiving this year. My daughter (it’s pretty obvious we spend a lot of time together) was fairly well-behaved at my doctor’s appointment and the rest of the week she played around with Olaf, fell asleep with Snoopy on the way to pick up her brother from school, and had a little play time while laying on daddy’s legs.

Week 27

Photo a Day: Weeks 26 & 27 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear
Thanksgiving week was full of turkey crafts at school, cooking at home, and putting up Christmas decorations and admiring them. Santa also learned that my son wants everything Batman for Christmas (and probably why he disguised his turkey as Batman last week). And if you need a good laugh, the very middle picture shows my daughter trying to block the TV so my son couldn’t see it. She wasn’t very effective, but it was funny all the same.

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