On the Go with Krankz Audio

On the Go with Krankz Audio | #KrankzAudio #WirelessHeadphones #BluetoothHeadphones

Let me set the scene for you. You wake up and are getting ready for your day. It may have been a rough morning getting everyone up and going, or even getting yourself somewhat presentable. You’re about to walk out the door. What are those last minute items you grab as you walk out?

If you’re anything like my boyfriend, headphones are a must-have daily accessory and he’s never on the go without his Krankz Audio Classic Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

On the Go with Krankz Audio | #KrankzAudio #WirelessHeadphones #BluetoothHeadphones

~I received a sample to help facilitate this post. As always, opinions are 100% my own.~

No matter how rough your morning has been, the right music will always make it better. My pet hate is listening to music with low sound quality. Fortunately, I bought a Hifi system from hifisystemcomponents.com which helps when I’m listening at home. Music works the same way as coffee, once it hits your soul, you’re a different person. Around here, daddy has it pretty rough in the mornings.

Getting a 5 year old up and ready for school should be easy, but when your kid just wants to sit on his bed and daydream, it’s not as simple a task as it seems. Not to mention the commute into the city every day for work. So when daddy leaves for the day, you better believe he’s got headphones in hand, ready for that music to hit his soul.

On the Go with Krankz Audio | #KrankzAudio #WirelessHeadphones #BluetoothHeadphones

On the Go with Krankz Audio | #KrankzAudio #WirelessHeadphones #BluetoothHeadphones

When he’s on the go, he’s on the go with Krankz Audio. Their Classic Wireless Bluetooth Headphones have been a great addition to my boyfriend’s daily essentials. From how easy they are to connect to the phone, to having no cords attached, and the sound quality is off the charts.


  • Incredibly clear and powerful sound.
  • Adjustable slider headpiece and conforming earpieces.
  • Collapsible earpieces for more compact travel.
  • Built in microphone.
  • Automatic call notification for easily switching between music audio and phone calls when paired to your smart phone.
  • Easy playback. Instead of digging around for your music player or phone when you want to change a song, or answer a call, use the intuitive headset controls on your ear cup for managing your listening experience.
  • High efficiency rechargeable battery delivers over 45 hours of battery life. Longer battery life means you can listen to your music and talk for hours without interruption. (To recharge your headphones, just plug your Exeo Wireless headphones into any computer or USB port.)
  • Stream audio from your laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device, even TV’s, from up to 30 feet away.

Some of the most notable features that can be realized right away is how lightweight and comfortable the headset is. Compared to other headphones he’s tried, my boyfriend really likes that Krankz Audio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones feel lighter. It’s less stress when carrying and even wearing.

On the Go with Krankz Audio | #KrankzAudio #WirelessHeadphones #BluetoothHeadphones

And the earpieces, along with some lining on the inner headpiece, are super soft. Even I’ve had my fair share of headphones that are horribly designed, to the point the earpieces literally hurt my ears. Not these! Krankz can be worn all day without a second thought.

I do want to add, though, that some people may find the earpieces to be a little small. I think it really comes down to personal preference and also the fact that we don’t all have the same size ears. With that being said, the sound quality is still like no other, whether you prefer larger earpieces or not.On the Go with Krankz Audio | #KrankzAudio #WirelessHeadphones #BluetoothHeadphones

The headphones even feature controls on the right earpiece. So when you get to your jam, you know that one song that really gets you going and you could listen to all day, you don’t have to dig around for your phone to listen to it on repeat. Just use the controls on the headphones. There’s nothing like hands-free listening and for my boyfriend, it makes his morning commute on the bus and subway much easier.

On the Go with Krankz Audio | #KrankzAudio #WirelessHeadphones #BluetoothHeadphones

Regularly $129.99, Krankz Audio Classic Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are on sale for $99.99, and worth every penny. These will definitely be ones that last my boyfriend a long while, and they are available in black, red, or white, so you have some variety to choose from. Which color best suites your style?

Are headphones a go-to when you walk out the door?

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*I received a sample to help facilitate this post. My opinions are 100% my own and in no way influenced by the brand. Any claims or statistics should be confirmed with the brand. Please see this blog’s full policies and disclosure here.

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