Octonauts: Season 3 Watch Party + Beach Treats (Giveaway)

Octonauts: Season 3 Watch Party + Beach Treat (Giveaway) ~ #Octonauts #watchparty #giveaway #makingtimeformemories

“Octonauts, to the launch bay!” When Captain Barnacles calls, the Octonauts know they better get there fast. But this time, it’s not an underwater emergency. It’s time for an Octonauts watch party! To celebrate the NCircle Entertainment release of The Octonauts: Season 3, my kids and I gathered in our own launch bay for a fun home watch party. Keep reading to check out the fun we had, the beach treat we whipped up, and the memories we made! Oh, and I have a giveaway for you too!

Octonauts: Season 3 Watch Party + Beach Treat (Giveaway) ~ #Octonauts #watchparty #giveaway #makingtimeformemories

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No Octonauts watch party would be complete without several episodes of the Octonauts, right? First up on our Octonauts watch party checklist was the complete season 3, 2 DVD disc set from NCircle Entertainment. With 23 episodes and over 4 hours of run time, we certainly weren’t going to have a shortage of Octonauts adventures.

In this season set, the Octonauts encounter all types of creatures, from Barracudas and Sea Pigs, to Humpback Whales and Hammerhead Sharks. And the adventures don’t end there! Embark on a mission in the Deep Sea Octo-Lab, as the Octonauts explore the deepest, darkest reaches of the ocean.

Octonauts: Season 3 Watch Party + Beach Treat (Giveaway) ~ #Octonauts #watchparty #giveaway #makingtimeformemories

Season 3 Episodes

  • The Red Rock Crabs
  • The Sea Pigs
  • The Sea Sponge
  • The Loggerhead Sea Turtle
  • The Harbor Seal
  • The Yeti Crab
  • The Great Arctic Adventure
  • The Mariana Trench Adventure
  • The Over Under Adventure
  • The Water Bears
  • The Barracudas
  • The Cone Snail
  • The Artificial Reef
  • The Hammerhead Sharks
  • The Humpback Whales
  • The Duck-Billed Platypus
  • The Mudskippers
  • The Immortal Jellyfish
  • The Sea Skaters
  • The Siphonophore
  • The Urchin Invasion
  • The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish
  • The Pelicans

To add to our watch party fun, NCircle Entertainment’s Octonauts: Season 3, DVD Disc Set is also a gift set. It came with 2 speeder toys, Captain Barnacles in the GUP-A and Kwazii in the GUP-Q. The kids had a blast speeding and racing them across the floor while we watched all of the Octonauts episodes.

Octonauts: Season 3 Watch Party + Beach Treat (Giveaway) ~ #Octonauts #watchparty #giveaway #makingtimeformemories

And to round out our Octonauts watch party, we went in the kitchen to whip up a sweet little beach treat – Beach Pudding Cups. I actually found a little JELL-O Play Kit that came with everything to make these (minus the cups), but the treat can be made with just a few simple ingredients, no kit required.

Ingredients & Supplies


  1. Mix the vanilla pudding, according to package instructions (with milk). Once mixed, set aside for about 5 minutes to firm up.
  2. Spoon 1/4 cup of pudding into one of the clear cups. Then add a layer of crushed graham cracker on top of that. Repeat the layers one more time.
  3. Top with fish-shaped gummies and enjoy!

Octonauts: Season 3 Watch Party + Beach Treat (Giveaway) ~ #Octonauts #watchparty #giveaway #makingtimeformemories

My daughter had a great time helping put these beach treats together. She got to use the hand mixer for the first time, which was a little scary, but fun at the same time. And it’s an easy enough recipe, that she can whip up the whole treat by herself. The whole family enjoyed one of her beach treats!

Octonauts: Season 3 Watch Party + Beach Treat (Giveaway) ~ #Octonauts #watchparty #giveaway #makingtimeformemories

Want to have your own Octonauts watch party? I have your chance to win The Octonauts: Season 3 Gift Set on DVD! Simply enter using the giveaway form below.

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Octonauts: Season 3 Watch Party + Beach Treat (Giveaway) ~ #Octonauts #watchparty #giveaway #makingtimeformemories

One lucky Making Time for Memories reader will win The Octonauts: Season 3 (with Speeders) Gift Set from NCircle Entertainment! Good luck!

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