Making Time to Run Errands with #Mamaway

Making Time to Run Errands with Mamaway

I usually dread having to run errands with the kids, mostly because I have to haul the stroller everywhere we go.  If we have three or four stops to make, that’s three or four times I have to take the stroller out of the trunk, unfold it, get everyone situated, and then put it all back when we’re done.  Who has the time (or patience) for all of that?

Now, rather than hauling the stroller in and out of every place we go, I use my Mamaway Ring Sling to carry Sadee around.  It was absolute love at first try and there’s no turning back!

Mamaway Ring Sling Features:

  • 100% Pima cotton.
  • Comfortable for parent and baby (doesn’t kill your back).
  • Variety of positions for baby – upright, lying down, in front, on the hip, behind the back.
  • Durable ring sling design offers safe and secure, hands free carrying of baby.
  • Easy set up and adjustment.
  • Multi-purpose (can be used as a nursing cover).
  • Compact, self-storage.
  • Prints to make mom AND dad happy to use.
  • One size fits all.
  • Machine washable.

Just today, we needed to run a few errands and the Mamaway Ring Sling made it a breeze to carry Sadee around.  Although it was nice not to have to get the stroller in and out of the car, I’d have to say the best part was having both of my hands free to do what I needed to without having Sadee fuss the entire time.

Making Time to Run Errands with Mamaway

Once I got her in the position I wanted her in, it was very easy to pull the material through the rings and ensure she was supported in every way possible.  After that, there was absolutely no slipping and she stayed very securely in place, all while very supported.

And I could definitely tell Sadee loved it.  She was calm and quiet the entire time we were running errands.  At one point she even fell asleep while in the ring sling.  Being close to mom was a huge plus for her because she’s usually in her stroller, carseat, or the buggy when we’re out and about.

Another great thing about the Mamaway Ring Sling is the variety of prints that are suitable for both mom and dad.  Many times, different types of baby carriers come in prints that dad will just flat out refuse to use, making running errands with kids hard for him.  But dad will be happy to carry baby around with Mamaway’s variety of parent-neutral prints (and give mom that much needed break).

Making Time to Run Errands with Mamaway

Worried if it will fit your body type or frame?  Don’t.  As you can see, there is more than enough material to fit any body type.  Personally, I’m not a small person and had so much unused sling material.  I could have tied it in a knot so that the extra material wasn’t hanging or swaying around, but it didn’t really bother me so I left it.

And don’t mind my no makeup look today (I mean, we are running errands) and Sadee’s granny face, haha.  I don’t know what was going on with her during this picture.  Plus, the angle is a little weird because my four year old was taking it.  Gotta love it!

Making Time to Run Errands with Mamaway

From here on out, the Mamaway Ring Sling is an essential in our diaper bag, along with other necessities.  Since it can have a dual purpose and be used as a nursing cover, I no longer have to carry one in the diaper bag.  And because the ring sling folds so nicely into itself, it’s compact size is perfect for carrying along wherever you go!

How do you run errands with kids?

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15 thoughts on “Making Time to Run Errands with #Mamaway

  1. This would have come in handy when our kids were just babies. Especially the twins. If I could have had a handy carrying case, I would have taken them ANYWHERE!

  2. This is a sling that I would totally want. My husband is not 100% sold on them, but I think they’re brilliant. This brand in particular looks super durable (the material, that is).

  3. That looks just like the stuff I carried around for my three. I never baby wore though but should have!

  4. The Mamaway Ring Sling is a great baby shower gift. It is a great way to keep baby close while you get tings done.

  5. I like to give new Moms a baby sling. It is such a great way to keep your baby happy and be able to move around.

  6. That’s pretty clever, I would have just used a stroller or carried them and hoped for the best. What a convenient substitute.

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