Macy’s Black Friday in July Sale + Giveaway

Macy's Black Friday in July Sale + Giveaway

You may not be able to get a good deal on a new vehicle right now, but you can most certainly get a good deal on just about everything else. Summer sales, like Macy’s Black Friday in July Sale, are in full swing. To ensure your summer fun is at it’s peak, dive into these specials before it’s too late!

Macy's Black Friday in July Sale + Giveaway

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Because I live in Florida, many people assume my family spends our summers at the various theme parks across the state. And that’s not exactly true. There is plenty of fun to be had simply spending time with family in our backyard. In fact, I’m currently preparing for our annual Backyard Summer Games. I want to add some new stuff to our event this summer. Looking over Macy’s Black Friday in July Sale, which just started today, I’m finding so many cool outdoor games that would be perfect for our event.

Take a look!

Outdoor Summer Games at Macy’s

The first thing I’d love to add to our annual family event is this Axe Throwing Game. Before you get all riled up, know that this target set is completely safe for kids. Some friends of ours have been asking us to go axe throwing with them and while this isn’t the real thing, it might help with my aim for when we do actually go.

Check out this Light Up Bowling Set! My kids absolutely love any kind of light up game they can do in the dark, indoors or outdoors. This set may only be $4 off, but it’s still a deal. I think it would be awesome to add some nighttime activities to our annual Backyard Summer Games.

And can you believe that we don’t have any classic outdoor tossing games, like bean bag toss, washer toss, or ladder toss? I know. Like, what am I even teaching my kids? This Triple Play 3-in-1 Toss Game is probably the best Macy’s Black Friday in July deal yet. All 3 games in 1, so super easy storage, and at 60% off!

Regular: $79.99 | Sale: $31.99 (60% off)
Regular: $18.99 | Sale: $14.99 (21% off)
Regular: $146.00 | Sale: $57.99 (60% off)

Keeping Summer Cool + Affordable at Macy’s

Our annual Backyard Summer Games isn’t just about the games, either. It’s kind of an all day event, so we keep refreshments on hand at all times, and even fire up the grill for dinner. That said, we have to ensure that everyone keeps cool throughout the day.

Cold fruit has always been a refreshing favorite for my family, so I’m thinking it would be fun to have a smoothie station for our event this year. Ya know, taking things up a notch. I have been wanting a Ninja Blender for quite some time and I think the Macy’s Black Friday in July Sale has finally convinced me. In fact, Macy’s has some great prices on so many different Ninja appliances during this sale. If you have one on your wishlist, now is a great time to get it!

One of the absolute must-haves for any all-day backyard event is a canopy tent, especially if you don’t have any trees that offer shade. We already have a canopy tent, but while browsing Macy’s Black Friday in July Sale I came across this awesome deal, I just had to share it. This Easy Pop Up Canopy Tent is over 50% off, and it perfectly offers the shade any family needs for outdoor fun.

Regular: $162.99 | Sale: $89.99 (44% off)
Regular: $240.00 | Sale: $109.99 (54% off)

Sale Details + Giveaway

The Black Friday in July Sale at Macy’s runs from 7/7 to 7/12, so you’ll want to jump on these summer deals as quickly as possible. In addition to the already great prices from the sale, you can get up to an extra 25% off with promo code “JULY” (exclusions apply). And let me not forget to mention free shipping with orders of $25+. I’m definitely one of those people where shipping costs are a deal-breaker, but that’s not a problem this time.

Want a little boost to your buying power? Enter to win a $250 e-gift card to Macy’s! The giveaway will have two (2) winners and ends on 7/9 at 11:59 PM PT.

Macy's Black Friday in July Giveaway

What will you buy during the Macy’s Black Friday in July Sale?

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