Life Insurance – There’s an App for That

Life Insurance - There's an App for That | #JennyLife #ad #lifeinsurance

Moms, I have a very serious question for you.

Do you have life insurance?

For many moms, me included, the answer is no. The answer could be no for many reasons – it’s just not something you’ve thought about, maybe you’re a stay at home mom with no income and don’t feel like it’s necessary, applying for life insurance is time consuming, etc. It’s time to put all of that aside and get the life insurance you and your family deserves. It is something you need to think about, even if you’re a stay at home mom, and with Jenny Life Insurance the process is quick and easy.

Life Insurance - There's an App for That | #JennyLife #ad #lifeinsurance

~This is a sponsored post with Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.~

Let’s first start by establishing a few things. Every parent needs to think about getting life insurance. If something were to happen to you, what all would you be leaving behind for your spouse and/or kids to take care of? Why wouldn’t you want to leave your family financially stable?

Stay at home moms, that goes for you too. Even if you don’t have an income stream, you are worth A LOT. According to stay at home moms work close to 95 hours per week and are worth an annual salary of $113,000 (show me the money!). Besides, I’m pretty sure my boyfriend wouldn’t know what to do if I left him with 3 kids and all my debt.

And while the typical life insurance application process can be a daunting one – shopping around for quotes, completing an application, getting a medical exam and blood work, waiting weeks for the approval process, and then finally getting an answer, maybe even an unfavorable one – it doesn’t have to be that way. Skip the weeks and months of waiting, and even the medical exam. Because let’s be real, those of us with small kids don’t have the time or patience to haul them to our own doctor’s appointment. How do you avoid all of this? With Jenny Life Insurance.

Jenny Life has modernized the life insurance buying process by allowing us busy moms to apply right through the Jenny Life mobile app (iOS | Android). Yeap, there’s an app for that. And guess what? There’s no medical exam and no long wait times for an answer. Just download the app, complete the application, and get an answer in about 3 minutes. Now, I have time for that. After the life insurance policy is in place, the next thing to do is write a will. This will let everyone know where you want all of your belongings to go, what you want to happen with your children and how you may want your funeral to go. It might be worth enlisting some professional help when thinking about what to include. Additionally, mistakes in a will could be costly, use an expert solicitor to avoid having to change anything at a later date. Once both of these important documents are completed and filed, you can rest and get on with enjoying your life.

While Jenny Life isn’t just for moms, it was made with moms in mind. Founders, Lief and Chirag, saw firsthand just how daunting the life insurance buying process was for their wives and knew it was time for a change. The Jenny Life mobile app is that change.

Moms can’t live carefree. Your whole life is built around caring. We’re making it easier for you to care. —Chirag, Founder

Fellow moms, do you currently have life insurance?

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*This is a sponsored post with Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark. As always, opinions are still 100% my own and in no way influenced by the brand. Any claims or statistics should be confirmed with the brand. Please see this blog’s full policies and disclosure here.

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