Making Time for My Little Soccer Super Star

Making Time for My Little Soccer Super Star

My 4 year old son absolutely loves the game of soccer.  From playing outdoor Pee Wee soccer for our local parks and recreation, and indoor soccer with La Redonda, to making his presence known on the PS4 soccer field, he’s all about soccer.  He eats soccer, breathes soccer, dreams soccer, wears soccer.  Did I mention my son LOVES soccer?  Haha!

All American Shot Pop Up Soccer Goal

So it was no surprise when we decided to get him his very own soccer goal so he could practice at home.  We decided to go with something that would be easy for all of us and went with the All American Shot Pop Up Soccer Goal.  It is amazing!


  • Portable for instant play anywhere.
  • Fold and go set up.
  • Includes outdoor anchoring stakes.
  • Easy carrying/storage bag.
  • Lightweight at around 2 lbs.
  • 4 ft. wide x 2.7 ft. tall x 2.7 ft. deep.

On any given day, my son has this pop up soccer goal set up in our living room and will spend hours practicing his scoring and blocking skills.  At just 4 feet wide and 2.7 feet tall, the goal is perfect for his 4 year old frame and is a great starter goal for him to practice with.  In fact, it’s very similar to the goals he uses at Pee Wee and La Redonda.

Soccer Goal in Home

He also likes to take his goal with him to the local park.  And one of the best things about that is the ease of transporting it.  The goal itself folds flat with a simple twist and fold motion, and in the corners has a snap button closure that keeps it together so it doesn’t unexpectedly pop up.  Once folded, it goes right into a carrying bag and zips up.

Toss the bag’s handles over your shoulder and off you go!  I like that the carrying bag also has enough room in it that we can put my son’s soccer ball in there.  It’s easy to carry all of his gear in one bag.

Goal & Accessories

Once we arrive at the park and find the perfect spot to set up the goal, I simply remove it from the carrying case, unsnap the button, and up pops the goal.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

In our living room, obviously we don’t need ground stakes nor can we use them, haha.  But when we’re at the park I always use the anchoring stakes to keep the goal in place so it doesn’t move around when goals are made, or the ball hits the goal, or the wind is sweeping through.  If it weren’t for the ground stakes, we’d be doing more chasing of the goal than anything.

Family Soccer Fun

Above all else, and certainly not part of the advertised features, is my favorite thing about the All American Shot Pop Up Soccer Goal.  It has brought us closer together as a family.  We hit the park and spend at least an hour playing with each other.  My 5 month old baby even gets in on the action.  I put her in her carrier and we hit the field.  Kicking the ball, running (okay, maybe more like trotting), and scoring goals.  We’re all having a good time and making memories that will last a lifetime.

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18 thoughts on “Making Time for My Little Soccer Super Star

  1. That would be perfect in our backyard. My son loves to play soccer with my husband we always have to go down to the park, which is not bad to be nice to be able to do it in our backyard too.

  2. We have one and it’s great! My kids go through phases with sports, so I appreciate it being so easy to store on the weeks when soccer is their second favorite.

  3. This sounds like such a great product for our little soccer stars! I like that it pops up so it is portable for any impromptu practice sessions.

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