How to Spot Your Next Memory-Making Adventure

How to Spot Your Next Memory-Making Adventure ~ #makingtimeformemories #IrvinInc #travelideas #nextadventure

Have you caught the travel bug? If so, I know just how it feels. I love to travel with my family, but sometimes it’s hard to determine where we should go. First of all, there are so many amazing possibilities in our beautiful world. But as much as I’d like to think everywhere we could possibly go, is kid- or family-friendly, sometimes it just isn’t.

So, how do I decide where we’re going or what we’re going to do on our next trip? After answering questions about what our travel budget is, who exactly is going on the trip (it makes a big difference if the kids are staying home), and how far we are (or aren’t) willing to travel, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to figure out exactly where we’re going.

How to Spot Your Next Memory-Making Adventure ~ #makingtimeformemories #IrvinInc #travelideas #nextadventure

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If you’ve stuck around, I know you’re ready to hit the road, sail the seas or fly sky high, with intentions of making memories somewhere new. For me, the hardest part about traveling is figuring out where to go. If you have the same problem, I’m sharing a few ways that help me spot our next adventures. I know that if you use them too, you’ll be planning your next adventure sooner than you think. 


Okay, sometimes seeing all of those travel pics from your friends can be a little annoying…I mean, c’mon! It’s just not fair that we can’t be there with them! However, you can use those travel posts and pictures to your advantage when it’s your turn to plan a trip.

How to Spot Your Next Memory-Making Adventure ~ #makingtimeformemories #IrvinInc #travelideas #nextadventure

One of my favorite ways to figure out where my family’s next adventure will take place, is to look at Instagram. The location feature and hashtags are my best friends when it comes to this. I can simply search a location or hashtag, and every public post with those tags will pop up. It’s a perfect way to explore somewhere new without actually having ever visited!

And I’m sure you know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Browsing all of the Instagram pics helps me decide if a particular location would be a fit for my family. 

Local Billboards

Imagine yourself driving down the highway and right on the side of the road you spot a billboard featuring a beautiful beach-front hotel. No doubt you’d rather be headed there than wherever it is you’re going at the moment. You take a minute to look up information about the hotel and it really is as perfect as the billboard portrays it. A few days go by and you can’t stop thinking about that beach-front hotel, so you take a leap and book your next trip. All is right in the world!

I do this all the time for local activities and events, too. Simply driving around town, I’ve seen billboards that peaked my interest and when I got home, I looked into whatever it was. Most of the time, it ends up turning into a fun family outing. In fact, just the other day I saw a billboard for a local dinner train that I can’t wait to experience! Ya know, you don’t always have to adventure far to make great memories.

How to Spot Your Next Memory-Making Adventure ~ #makingtimeformemories #IrvinInc #travelideas #nextadventure

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Word of Mouth

The most passionate person in the world about visiting a certain destination, is someone who just went there. Have you ever gone on the most perfect vacation, to the most perfect place, and you got home and couldn’t stop telling everyone about it? If you are in the stage of trying to figure out where your next adventure will be, ask around!

How to Spot Your Next Memory-Making Adventure ~ #makingtimeformemories #IrvinInc #travelideas #nextadventure

Talk to your friends about where their favorite places that they have visited are, and why. When people you know take vacations, make it a point to ask how it was and listen to all of the details. Not only would they probably love to talk about their experience, but you can get some insight into whether it’s a place you would enjoy visiting.

Your Bucket List

Even if you don’t have a written bucket list, I’m sure you have thought about places you’d like to visit one day. Maybe your great, great ancestors are from Norway and somewhere in the back of your mind, you have always wanted to visit. Or maybe you love Chinese culture and would like to experience it in person. Maybe it is just an item on your bucket list to see the Eiffel Tower.

How to Spot Your Next Memory-Making Adventure ~ #makingtimeformemories #IrvinInc #travelideas #nextadventure

Think about the things you like or want to do/see (or things you have always wanted to do), who you want to do them with, and then determine a place where you can make it happen. I’ve always wanted to go skydiving, and I have friends and family who’ve already done it. Why would I go anywhere else to learn about where to go or what to expect, when I can go right to the source? It might take a little soul-searching, but it will be worth the effort when you have the perfect adventure!

Have any of these tactics ever sparked new adventure ideas for you?

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