How to Save on Electronics for Back-to-School

Money Saving Tips for Back-to-School Electronics

Let’s face it…this year, Back-to-School looks different for everyone. Because of that, our shopping habits look a little different too. My kids’ school supply lists aren’t full of pencils, crayons and notebooks. Instead, we’re shopping for electronics. Neither I, nor my wallet is very thrilled about this. But luckily, I do have some tricks up my sleeve to help save on electronics for school.

Tips for Saving Money on Back-to-School Electronics

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Taking into consideration the options we had for Back-to-School this year, we have opted to have our kids homeschool through the county school system. At least our 3rd grader will be. We’re not quite sure how VPK or the pre-K speech program is going to be handled for our daughter, but at this point she is doing her speech therapy virtually.

That said, this year’s school supply list includes electronics, like a basic laptop and noise canceling headphones that also have a microphone. Financially, I’d much rather have a long list of typical school supplies because we all know electronics aren’t cheap. Still, I have to do what I have to do to help my kids succeed in their education.

Consider What You Already Have

This is probably something you’ve already done and it may not need to be said, but I want to put some ideas behind it. So, consider what you already have at home. The most basic back-to-school electronic is a computer and it’s pretty typical for every household to have at least one computer in the home already.

Is sharing an option?

However, if you’re working from home using that computer, it’s not readily available for your child to use for school work.

Or is it?

Before you run out and try to find the best deal on a laptop for your child, you might want to think about yours and your child’s schedules. You have to work and your child has to “attend” school, but do you have to do them at the same time? Is it possible to create a computer-use schedule that allows both of you to use the same computer, but at different times of the day?

Alternative Devices Get the Job Done

turn your iPad into a computer with an attachable keyboard

And maybe you don’t have a computer at home. But do you have an iPad or tablet of some sort that has internet access? If so, those can be used for school just as well as an actual computer.

Even if a computer set up with a keyboard is preferred over a touch screen tablet, that’s still doable with an iPad. Rather than spending a couple hundred dollars on a new laptop, you can save money by purchasing an attachable keyboard for the iPad. Just like that, you basically have a computer with a physical keyboard and all!

Double Duty Devices

Are headphones on your back-to-school shopping list, too? Think about the ones you already have at home first. Those earbuds that you get with every new iPhone you buy, will work for older kids. Do you have gaming headphones for your Playstation or Xbox? Give them double duty and put them to use for school too.

Rakuten Savings and Cash Back

If you do decide that purchasing back-to-school electronics is inevitable, there are still ways to save. Anytime I’m doing online shopping, the first thing I do is check out Rakuten, my favorite savings and cash back website. Back-to-school shopping is no different, especially for those expensive electronics.

As I mentioned before, one of the items on our school supply list this year, is a pair of noise canceling headphones with a microphone. Look what I found while searching on Rakuten!

heaphones with noise canceling boom mic on Rakuten - original price $47.95, sale price $8.95

I mean, do you see that price?! Those savings?!

My kids have been known to go through a few pairs of headphones, so I don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that isn’t likely to survive the torture my kids put it through.

Cash Back from Online Retailers

You can even shop at your favorite retailers from Rakuten, earning cash back for your purchase. For electronics, think Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, and even retailers like Target and BJ’s. It’s easy to shop the store’s current sales and promos, and then earn additional cash back on top of those savings.

New to Rakuten? Earn a $10 bonus when you sign up and spend your first $25.

Tax Free Weekend

Not all states have a Tax Free holiday for back-to-school shopping, but many do. If you can, plan to do your shopping during your state’s Tax Free days. Because electronics are expensive, tax can be a pretty hefty price. Shop electronics on Rakuten during Tax Free dates and the savings just pile up – sales and promos, cash back, and no tax!

Buy Refurbished

If you’re not convinced your kids can handle a brand new electronic, there’s nothing wrong with buying refurbished. Refurbed electronics are simply devices that have been restored to the manufacturer’s default status, and have been tested to ensure everything is functioning properly and is free of defects.

The best part? Refurbished electronics are much cheaper than the same device new, directly out of the box.

price comparison between a new Acer laptop and the same laptop refurbished - refurbished is half the price but works just as well

Kids, especially younger ones, put a lot of wear and tear on electronics. Dropping, stepping on, and breaking devices is not uncommon in my house. If your kids are the same way, you may not be comfortable spending more for a brand new device. Refurbished electronics work just as well and sometimes for half the price.

What are some other ways you have saved on Back-to-School electronics?

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