House Cleaning Habits for the Whole Family

Keeping the house clean and tidy every day can be more daunting when you have a family. Tempers are likely to flare if you don’t figure out a way to get the whole family involved in the process of cleaning.

So how do you keep the peace by getting everyone to chip and cleaning duties done as needed? To engage the family in house cleaning means mobilizing and assigning everyone cleaning duties, and ensuring that they realize that it’s a habit they have to develop and sustain until it becomes something they do without having to be reminded or cajoled.

It could mean something as simple as picking up after themselves, or more difficult like cleaning their rooms, dishes, kitchen, etc.

“Either way, getting the whole family involved in the cleaning process will go a long way in keeping your house tidy and clean.” says grime busters.

House Cleaning Habits for the Whole Family | #cleaning #chores

Here are a few tips from The Home Makers Journal to ensure you develop a house cleaning habit for the whole family:

Ensure There is a Place for Everything

When you assign items around the house their place, everyone will know where to put them. Have you ever found the keys wedged between cushions of the couch, or hidden among the magazines on the rack? That happens when you don’t insist on the right place for items. For example, keeping a hook by the front door to hang the keys will make it easier to find them without ripping the whole house apart!

Teach Kids How to Pick Up After Themselves and Tidy Up

Kids especially leave dirty clothing everywhere. Ensure that there is a dirty clothes hamper in each room, and insist that you will not pick up after them and neither will you allow messy rooms. Give them an incentive to keep their rooms tidy. For example if their beds are well made, their dirty clothes in the hamper and no trash lying around, with everything in its place, then you can add, say an extra twenty minutes past their bedtime for them to continue enjoying gaming, TV or any other activity they are working on.

Create a Schedule and Distribute Cleaning Chores

Simply Maid’s Cleaning Expert, Caroline Nucifora, says “If you hear ‘I don’t have time’ one more time you are going to lash out!” Avoid this, even with yourself, by creating a schedule that the whole family has to stick to. Make sure you work around your kids and whole family’s activities, and assign a daily chore and weekend chores as well. These chores could be anything from hoovering the house. If you are in need a new vacuum, then you could take a look at something like this Shark vacuum. It doesn’t just need to be vacuuming though, it could even be something like polishing, or putting the laundry away. If this is something that you know that you will struggle with then you can always get yourself a house cleaning service.

Distribute tasks easily, assigning the tougher chores to your partner and older kids, and simpler ones to the younger children. Ensure you enforce this habitual cleaning by having a consequence if someone fails to clean properly and on time. For example, take away computer or TV time.

Save Time with These Cleaning Habits

  • Ensure that no dirty dishes are left overnight and assign someone to do this.
  • Have everyone pick up after themselves in terms of clothes and shoes, and after meals.
  • Get everyone to help in tidying up the living room at the end of each day and clean up the kitchen.

What tips would you add?

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