Highlights: Still Shaping the Minds of Kids After 70 Years

Highlights: Still Shaping the Minds of Kids After 70 Years ~ #HighlightsMagazine #learningandeducation #smartkids #funlearning

Do you remember Highlights™ magazines? These were really popular when I was a kid. I remember seeing them at school, doctor’s offices, and I’m pretty sure I had my own subscription at one point. They were so much fun to look through with all the puzzles, games, stories, riddles, crafts, and science experiments. Well, times have changed since then and Highlights has changed too (sort of). But today, Highlights are still shaping the minds of kids, even after 70 years.

kids looking at a Highlights Photo Puzzle Mania book

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Okay, so there’s no denying the world today just isn’t the same as when we were kids. Not just when it comes to society, but when it comes to learning too.

Here’s where I insert that unwelcoming stare at Common Core math. Like, really?

But we just have to take these changes in stride, just like any change, and keep moving forward to ensure our kids stay motivated to learn and are successful in their education. And Highlights has done a great job in adapting to the changes.

In fact, Highlights has become more than just those beloved magazines. The Highlights family has expanded to include apps (because almost everything is electronic these days), write-on wipe-off books, grade level workbooks, hidden pictures books, drawing and coloring books, puzzle books, craft books, and the list goes on.

display of 6 Highlights learning books

I’ve been using some of the Write-On Wipe-Off books to start teaching my preschooler how to hold a pencil, how to control her hand to create smooth lines, trace, and even starting to work on things like shapes, colors, and letters.

preschooler learning to trace letters in a Highlights learning book

results of preschooler tracing the letter "L," shaky and needs more practice

We have a long way to go until these are perfected (as you can see), but she has to start somewhere. Why not with Highlights?!

My 1st grader, on the other hand, has been using part of his winter break to keep up on the stuff he’s been learning so far during the school year. The Big Fun First Grade Activity Book is perfect for that. Addition, subtraction, story comprehension, and there’s still plenty he has yet to learn this year. This workbook includes it all!

1st grader practicing math in a Highlights learning book

completed math page from a Highlights 1st grade learning book

And I can’t wait for the summer because he’s not going to be sitting and playing video games all day, every day. In addition to our weekly trips to the library, he’s going to be preparing for 2nd grade with the Second Grade Big Fun Workbook. There’s no question he’s going to be ready to take on 2nd grade when he hits the classroom.

Highlights has everything a parent and kid needs to get a head start in education. Whether it’s homeschooling, getting a head start on the new school year, or just brushing up over school breaks, Highlights is as great a choice as it was 70 years ago.

Which Highlights product(s) would your kids benefit from?

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