Help a Child Prepare for Back to School with a Single Click

Help a Child Prepare for Back to School with a Single Click | #backtoschool #BTS #KidsinNeedFoundation #Target #Yoobi #schoolsupplies

Help a Child Prepare for Back to School with a Single Click | #backtoschool #BTS #KidsinNeedFoundation #Target #Yoobi #schoolsupplies

One thing I always see across social media during Back to School season, is how ridiculous school supply lists are and how expensive it all can be. I wish those parents would look at this cost as an investment in their child’s future. Is it really that bad of an expense to help your child succeed in life?

No! No, it is not.

On the flip side, how about the families who just literally can’t afford to buy school supplies? As a parent, I feel for those children and know that many teachers foot the bill out of their own pockets, because they want those children to have the same opportunity to succeed as everyone else in their classrooms.


Well, guess what? With a simple like and/or share of this Facebook video, you can make a difference in those children’s lives too. For every like or share of the video, Target will provide a backpack filled with school supplies to a child who needs it.

It’s a small gesture on your part and takes just a second to do, but will provide a major impact on the future of our children’s generation.

And I also want to give a big shout out to Yoobi for helping fill these backpacks and to the Kids in Need Foundation for making sure the supplies reach the children who need them. This initiative would not be possible without them.

Need to register your child to participate in this program? Visit the Kids in Need Foundation for more info!

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