Halloween Classroom Goodie Bags

Halloween Classroom Goodie Bags

It’s that time of year again and Halloween classroom goodie bags are in the making! This year I’ve included candy, juice boxes, sweet treats and a little bit of a monster-rific touch. So, if you need some ideas, I’ve got some fun ones for you.

Halloween Classroom Goodie Bags

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Every Halloween, the hardest decision for me to make isn’t what I’m going to dress up as. The hardest decision is figuring out what I’m going to include in my son’s Halloween classroom goodie bags.

There are so many things to choose from – candy, non-candy treats, drinks, sweet treats, small toys, etc. This year I’m keeping it simple, but plentiful, and a little monster-rific.

Halloween Classroom Treats

When it comes to Halloween treats, the first thing we think of is candy. I don’t think I really need to touch on that, considering we’re adults, we all have our favorite candies, and the stores are jam packed with massive bags of it. Just take your pick!

But I do want to share some of my favorite store bought upgraded Halloween treats for school. One of my all-time favorite Halloween treats to send to school, are these Halloween Juice Boxes.

Halloween Juice Boxes

Every year I’ve sent them to school with my son, his teachers have raved how much the kids love them. In my book, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So you better believe every year these juice boxes are going to be in his Halloween classroom goodie bags.

Halloween Hostess Snoball Monsters

Another one of my favorite Halloween treats to send to school, are these Halloween Snoball Monsters. I take store bought Hostess Snoballs and using a few simple supplies, turn them into monsters. These are such a grand treat that they could be the only thing you send to school and the kids are going to love them.

More Halloween treats I’ve sent to school:

Non-Candy Halloween Treats for School

For those kids who have allergies, or even for those parents who don’t like their kids eating tons of sweets, I always include non-candy treats in my Halloween classroom goodie bags. This ensures that each classmate gets to enjoy their Halloween goodies.

With the help of OOLY, this year’s non-candy treats are monster-rific! OOLY, the creator of unique art and writing essentials for all ages, has a Monster Collection that makes a great alternative to food treats this Halloween.

OOLY Monster Collection of Art + Writing Tools

OOLY’s Monster Collection

For my son’s Halloween classroom goodie bags, I chose to include a Monster Pencil in each bag. Kids are always losing pencils, or at least my kids are. OOLY’s monster pencils are so cute, they’re sure to become a favorite and no one will lose their favorite pencil.

OOLY Monster Pencils

Halloween Treats for School

What are some of your favorite treats to include in Halloween classroom goodie bags?

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