Gifts That Bring the Family Together

Gifts That Bring the Family Together

Whether you’re holiday shopping or just looking for something to bring the family together for a night, there are plenty of gifts to help you with your mission. I’ve gathered up some of my favorite ways to spend time with family and the gifts that will help get the ball rolling.

Gifts That Bring the Family Together

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Escape Mail

Escape Rooms have become extremely popular. But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to take your family in-person to experience the fun. All you need is Escape Mail!

Simply put, Escape Mail is an Escape Room delivered to your front door. It comes with puzzles, clues, hints, riddles, awesome narratives and everything you’ll need, minus some internet and well, your family!

Escape Mail is a really fun take on family game night. If you want to just test the waters and see if it’s something your family would enjoy, you can order just 1 Episode. Or, if you know for sure it’s something your family is on board with and want to make it a monthly thing, you can subscribe for 12 Escape Mail Episodes, getting a new one each month. One gift and you’re guaranteed at least 12 nights of family fun over the next year.

I will add that all 12 Episodes are all connected to one over-arching narrative. So once you get started and drawn into the story, don’t be surprised if it becomes an obsession and your family looks forward to that one night every month when you dig deeper into the storyline. Think of it as waiting for the next season of your favorite TV show. The anticipation is intense!

Each Escape Mail episode is perfect for 2-4 players. If you have a larger family, I suggest buying more than one of the episode you’re working on, split the family into groups and see which group finishes the episode first. This is a great way to make sure everyone is involved, but also adds a little competition into the mix.

Murder Mystery Party Kit

If Clue! is one of your family’s favorite games, or even favorite movies, hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner Party with your family will be epic. In one event, you’re family is eating dinner together, having fun portraying different characters and solving a mystery! It will surely be a night to remember.

The easiest way to go about it, is buying a murder mystery party kit. It does take a little pre-planning, so be sure to purchase a kit in advance. 

A murder mystery party kit typically includes a pre-written story all ready to go. But you want to do some advance planning to help give the Murder Mystery Dinner a realistic feel. Think about things like decorations and a dinner menu that fits with the story’s time period.

Murder Mystery Dinner Party

A kit will also usually include invitations to the dinner. Each story has a certain number of characters to be played, so you want to make sure you have enough family members to assign each character role. And if possible, try to get your family to dress for dinner as much like their character as possible. Even if it’s just one accessory or something that helps show which character each family member is portraying, will make the night more fun.

Of course, as the host, you’ll also have instructions for making sure the night goes smoothly and plays out like it’s supposed to. And the kit may tell you who the murderer is, and it may not. So you could be in suspense the whole night, along with the rest of your family.

Oh, the fun there is to be had with a Murder Mystery Dinner!

Jigsaw Puzzle

As a kid, I was always a sucker for jigsaw puzzles. And I’m not talking a simple 100 piece brainteaser. We had a card table designated just for puzzles, where we dumped out 1,000+ jigsaw pieces. Sometimes there was barely any room to move puzzle pieces around. We’d spend several days, sometimes weeks, working on a single puzzle as a family.

family putting jigsaw puzzle together

You can spend as little as 10 minutes or as much as an hour, sitting around the table together. Working on a puzzle is a great distraction from the hustle and bustle of everyday, and offers an opportunity to communicate with each other. Plus, when you finish a super hard puzzle, it’s an awesome feeling!

Not to mention, large jigsaw puzzles make beautiful art pieces. Imagine how your kids would feel seeing such a cool piece framed and hanging on the wall, that they helped create. You could switch the framed piece out every time your family finishes a new puzzle, for each new season or holiday, or just keep your favorite jigsaw puzzle on display all year round.

Cooking Kit

Everybody eats. Period. But when our busy everyday schedules take hold of our time, it leaves the experience of family cooking behind. You know the saying, “A family that eats together, stays together.” The same holds true for those who cook together.

Cooking kits have become really trendy, whether it be home delivery meal kits or the various cooking kits tailored to teaching kids how to cook. Whichever route you take, cooking kit subscriptions help bring the family together in the kitchen and then at the dinner table too.

family making a salad together

And it doesn’t have to be a big, extravagant meal that you’re making. It could be a simple salad for lunch or a homemade pizza for dinner. The time spent together is what matters the most. Cooking kits and trying new dishes just make it more fun.

Home Delivery Meal Kits

Kids Cooking Kits

Movie Night Snack Kit

Movie nights are a great way to unwind at the end of a busy day or week, while enjoying time with family. This may be something you already do, but have you ever tried a movie snack kit to get the night started? Here’s a plan…You pick the movie and I’ll bring the snacks!

family watching a movie, dog included, and eating popcorn

Movie night snack kits come in classic popcorn and candy variations, but also come in adventurous flavor varieties too. It’s like bringing the movie theater snack counter into your own home!

Movie Bucket List Poster

For the families who do more than just the occasional movie night, or even the families who want to do more of them, a movie bucket list poster is a fun way to pick and choose which movies to feature.

You can go classic with the top movies of all time, keep it kid-friendly with kids movies, or why not do both? Having a way to keep track of the movies you’ve watched as a family will make you want to host more movie nights and spend more time together!

Nerf Guns

NERF guns are almost always the ticket to bringing the family together. I say “almost always” because a family NERF Gun battle usually starts in good fun, but can also end in misery for some. However, no matter what age, everyone is always up for a good NERF Gun battle.

woman ready for a NERF gun battle

I find the best way to get the battle started is to place loaded NERF Guns and extra ammo strategically around the house for family members to grab. Then just randomly walk around shooting NERF darts at everyone. I don’t know about you, but if someone shoots a dart at me, I’m going to jump up to retaliate.

So, let the NERF battle begin!

Which gift do you think would be perfect for bringing your family together?

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