How to Get a Free Baby Box

How to Get a Free Baby Box | #free #babybox #TheBabyBoxCo

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from having kids, it’s that they are expensive. We want our kids to have the best gear and anything they could want or need, but the reality is, they don’t need it all. One of the things on most parents’ baby registries is a crib or bassinet. That’s fine. In fact, we are still using the convertible crib we got when my first was born. My daughter is currently using it as a toddler bed. But a crib isn’t needed right away and many times can be dangerous for newborns and infants. So as a soon to be three time mom, my advice is to start with a baby box. Save the crib expense for later and focus on other things. Besides, many of you can get a baby box for free and I’m going to tell you how!

How to Get a Free Baby Box | #free #babybox #TheBabyBoxCo

What is a baby box?

To my knowledge baby boxes are a fairly new concept to the U.S., but have been around for a long time in other countries, especially Finland. It’s literally a cardboard box for baby to safely sleep in. It comes with a firm, box fitted mattress and a sheet for the mattress.

How to Get a Free Baby Box | #free #babybox #TheBabyBoxCo

How to Get a Free Baby Box | #free #babybox #TheBabyBoxCo

I know it sounds weird to have your baby sleeping in a box, but other countries have found a reduced number of infant deaths from using them. Some reasons for reduced deaths include things like:

  • Not placing blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals in the box with baby.
  • Firm mattress eliminates risk of suffocation.
  • It’s portable and can easily be moved from room to room (don’t move it with baby in it), which makes parents less likely to place baby wherever is convenient.
  • Just a reminder – no matter what baby is sleeping in/on, he should always be sleeping on his back.

How to Get a Free Baby Box:

People living in certain states have the ability to get a baby box for free from The Baby Box Co. All you have to do is “attend” Baby Box University. Don’t worry, it’s literally just watching about 20 minutes worth of online videos.

Even as a third time mom, I found the various videos to be great reminders. Of course, I was already aware of most of the info, but it was nice to have a refresher because after having your first child you get comfortable, and know what to expect and what works for you. Quite frankly that can sometimes put your child in an unknown danger. And as a first time parent, the info in the videos is even better.

Once you’ve completed Baby Box University, simply place your order. You’ll be given options in your area to pick up the baby box for free from places like local libraries, or for $3 you can have the box delivered. I paid the $3 and just had mine delivered. So for free (or even $3 for convenience) your baby can have a safe and compact place to sleep.

To find out if your state or facility qualifies visit The Baby Box Co.

Has your child ever slept in a baby box?

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