Combating Germs During Flu Season with Desert Essence

Combating Germs During Flu Season with Desert Essence ~ #ad #MomsMeet #DesertEssence #DEProbioticPower #fluseason

It’s October, and that means a full month of spooks and scares. To set the mood, let me tell you a two word scary story. Prepare yourself…

Are you ready?

Flu Season!

Agh! I told you it was scary.

Not only is October the month of ghouls and goblins, but it also marks the beginning of flu season. Last month I had some type of viral illness that knocked me off my feet. I was in bed the better part of a week, with no resolve, and was then tested for the flu. Doctors told me they had diagnosed a mother/son duo with the flu, just one week prior. That was all well before flu season even started.

That’s frightening.

So, I’m making sure my whole family is taking the proper precautions to prevent anything of the like from circulating around here again. The first thing on our list is hand washing and Desert Essence Probiotic Hand Sanitizer is helping keep everyone on track!

Combating Germs During Flu Season with Desert Essence ~ #ad #MomsMeet #DesertEssence #DEProbioticPower #fluseason

~This is a sponsored post on behalf of Desert Essence. I received this product for free from Moms Meet for purposes of facilitating this post. As always, opinions are still 100% my own.~

The first line of defense against the flu and germs in general, is washing your hands. I understand there are such things as good germs and that they help build a solid immune system, but all things considered, I take hand washing very seriously.

When you have 3 kids at home, one of whom is in elementary school and plays soccer; another who attends dance class and speech therapy; plus one who touches, and puts anything and everything in his mouth…you have to be on your toes.

That’s why I like the new Desert Essence Probiotic Hand Sanitizers.

Combating Germs During Flu Season with Desert Essence ~ #ad #MomsMeet #DesertEssence #DEProbioticPower #fluseason

First and foremost, they are a hand sanitizer. Obviously, we don’t always have access to soap and water for hand washing, so hand sanitizer comes in handy. But what makes Desert Essence extra special, is it’s probiotic-packed nature.

  • Kills 99.9% of germs.
  • Delivers good bacteria courtesy of probiotic-packed Kefir.
  • Nourishes and conditions the skin.
  • Patented technology creates a “membrane” around the probiotic to protect it from the antibacterial formula.
    • Probiotic benefits are delivered after the sanitizer activity completes.
    • Sanitizer doesn’t kill the probiotic, and the probiotic doesn’t neutralize the sanitizer.
    • Bad bacteria is eliminated and the probiotic thrives.
  • Combination of natural botanical extracts, like Tea Tree Oil, Thyme, Elderberry and Echinacea help in reducing bad bacterias.
  • Lavender and Lemongrass provide invigorating aromas for the senses and soul.
  • Available in full 8 oz. pump bottle, or mini 1.7 oz. squeeze bottle.
  • Natural product, unnatural price (see the promo code below).

Combating Germs During Flu Season with Desert Essence ~ #ad #MomsMeet #DesertEssence #DEProbioticPower #fluseason

It all sounds good, but how does it stand up? Well, I’ve placed Desert Essence Probiotic Hand Sanitizers in every bathroom of my house, plus the kitchen, have a mini attached to my handbag for on-the-go, and even have an extra mini in the car, just in case.

My favorites for around the house are the Tea Tree Oil and Lavender-infused sanitizers. The Tea Tree Oil, alone, offers a welcoming clean scent and the Lavender-infused sanitizer has that oh, so familiar, soothing floral scent. When one of the kids walks by after “washing” their hands, not only does it put a smile on my face because I know they’ve washed their hands, but the aroma is uplifting.

Combating Germs During Flu Season with Desert Essence ~ #ad #MomsMeet #DesertEssence #DEProbioticPower #fluseason

My on-the-go choice? The lively citrus essence of the Lemongrass-infused sanitizer is a must. It keeps me alive when running errands, or chauffeuring my kids from one activity to the next.

I know I certainly don’t have to worry about my daughter spreading germs this flu season. She’s become quite the little hand sanitizer addict and is always using it.

Combating Germs During Flu Season with Desert Essence ~ #ad #MomsMeet #DesertEssence #DEProbioticPower #fluseason

My oldest son, on the other hand, has to be reminded from time-to-time. But since I introduced the Desert Essence Probiotic Hand Sanitizers into our home, he’s gotten better about keeping his hands clean. I think he secretly likes the way they smell. He just won’t admit it to me.

As for me? I wouldn’t go without it. I’ve always wondered how a product could feel sticky and dry at the same time, but that’s exactly how hand sanitizer typically leaves my hands feeling. That doesn’t exist with Desert Essence.

I’ll admit, going on it does feel kind of slimy, but after a few seconds of dry time, my hands feel amazingly soft. Imagine dipping your hands into wax and after peeling off the wax, revealing refreshed and renewed hands. Desert Essence Probiotic Hand Sanitizers have the same effect.

Combating Germs During Flu Season with Desert Essence ~ #ad #MomsMeet #DesertEssence #DEProbioticPower #fluseason

Want to start flu season off right and keep good memories rolling all season long? You definitely can’t get out and enjoy all the holidays have to offer if you’re sick and stuck in bed. Prevention starts at home and if you can have a hand sanitizer that keeps the germs at bay, and with extra probiotic benefits that leave your skin nourished, then why not?

Desert Essence Probiotic Hand Sanitizers are available at and with promo code DEprobioticpower, you can save an additional 30%! These products are already on sale for 30% off, add the additional 30% off promo code and these prices are unheard of for natural products!

  • Full 8 oz. pump bottle
    • Regular $9.99
    • On sale 30% off at $6.99
    • Additional 30% off promo code makes each bottles just $4.89.
  • Mini 1.7 oz. squeeze bottle
    • Regular $4.49
    • On sale 30% off at $3.14
    • Additional 30% off promo code makes each bottle just $2.20.

These prices are amazing for natural products! I’ve stocked up with enough to last us all flu season. Maybe by the time spring rolls around, they’ll have added some new ones for us to try.

Are you ready to combat germs this flu season?

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Combating Germs During Flu Season with Desert Essence ~ #ad #MomsMeet #DesertEssence #DEProbioticPower #fluseason  Combating Germs During Flu Season with Desert Essence ~ #ad #MomsMeet #DesertEssence #DEProbioticPower #fluseason