GERBER CEREAL Provides the Iron My Little One Needs

GERBER CEREALS provide a great source of iron for little ones, as they grow and develop in their first year. #GerberCereal @Gerber #babyfood

Sooo, have you figured out yet that we are totally a Gerber family? I’ve been talking about our love for Gerber for a few weeks now. My mom has told me that I grew up on Gerber baby products, my son grew up on Gerber baby formula and purees, and now my daughter is in love with just about every Gerber food that exists. Yeap, I think it’s safe to say we’re a Gerber family.

Because I have two kids, I tend to compare them when it comes to reaching different milestones and while my kids are like two peas in a pod and look like twins born 3 years apart, they still have their own personalities and differences. One such difference is as I just mentioned, my son was given baby formula, but my daughter has been breastfed.

So while my son was getting all the nutrients he needed through his baby formula, one thing my daughter is lacking from being breastfed, is not getting enough iron. No matter how much iron intake I have, it doesn’t affect the amount of iron in my breast milk.

Where is my daughter going to get the iron she needs? She’s going to get it from GERBER CEREALS! Told you we are a Gerber family, haha.

Did you know iron was important to your baby’s diet?


Adequate iron intake is important in supporting healthy brain development and overall growth, especially within baby’s first year. Breast milk naturally contains iron, but many times exclusively or partially breastfed babies are started on an iron supplement at around the age of 4 months.

My daughter is getting her iron supplement in the form of GERBER CEREALS. Just 2 servings of GERBER CEREAL a day provides her with 90% of the daily iron she needs to help support her learning ability.

GERBER CEREALS provide a great source of iron for little ones, as they grow and develop in their first year. #GerberCereal @Gerber #babyfood

We recently made our weekly trip to Walmart to restock on her GERBER CEREALS and chose to stick to the basic ones like Single Grain Oatmeal, Single Grain Whole Wheat, Single Grain Rice and also Multigrain. The GERBER CEREALS were very easy to locate in the baby section and my local Walmart even had a large end cap display of nothing but our favorite GERBER CEREALS.

Since we’ve restocked, my daughter has no problem getting her daily amount of iron intake and now that she’s 12 months old, she likes when I mix in a little Gerber puree. I mix in some of the fruit flavors when she has GERBER CEREAL for breakfast, and in the evening for dinner, I mix in some of the vegetable flavored purees. She loves the taste and I love that she’s getting the iron she needs to continue healthy growth and learning.

GERBER CEREALS provide a great source of iron for little ones, as they grow and develop in their first year. #GerberCereal @Gerber #babyfood

Have you spotted GERBER CEREALS at Walmart?

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*Thank you to Gerber for sponsoring today’s post and allowing me to ensure my little one has the iron she needs. This is a sponsored post in which I will receive compensation.  My opinions are 100% my own and in no way influenced by the brand.  Any claims or statistics should be confirmed with the brand.  Please see this blog’s full policies and disclosure here.

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  1. Gerber was the only brand of baby food that I used. I like that Just 2 servings of Gerber Cereal a day provides 90% of the daily iron needed.

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