Free Tooth Fairy Printables

Free Tooth Fairy Printable | #ToothFairy #lostatooth #babyteeth

My son has been coming home lately telling me about the kids in his class who are losing teeth while at school. My son has yet to lose any of his baby teeth, but this got me thinking. It’s a big milestone in a kid’s life, so what kind of fun can I incorporate with his first lost tooth (and those afterward) – a Tooth Fairy Door Hanger and Receipt for his tooth!

Free Tooth Fairy Printable | #ToothFairy #lostatooth #babyteeth

Free Tooth Fairy Printable | #ToothFairy #lostatooth #babyteeth

You can incorporate the same fun by simply printing these out (click each image for a printable PDF file)! Once printed, cut out the door hanger and have your child place it on their bedroom door. It’s just a cute reminder for the Tooth Fairy to stop by.

Have your child place their tooth just under their pillow and when the Tooth Fairy arrives, fill out the Tooth Fairy Receipt and leave it in place of the tooth, along with payment for the pearly white. Be sure to indicate the quality of the tooth and brushing. If your child isn’t that great about brushing, make sure the Tooth Fairy makes it known. It might entice some better dental hygiene.

These printables add a little extra excitement to losing those baby teeth, other than the goofy smiles they leave behind. The new smiles are super funny, but a personalized receipt from the Tooth Fairy is pretty darn cool.

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