Free Printable “Dear Santa” Letter

Free Printable "Dear Santa" Letter

As we gear up for the holidays, you may already know what gifts would be good for your kids, but do you know what THEY want? Use this free printable “Dear Santa” letter and let your kids write their wish list to Santa (he wants to know too). You may be surprised at what they ask for!

Free Printable "Dear Santa" Letter

Every year, I go into the holidays knowing pretty much what types of gifts my kids would like for Christmas. And every year, they always seem to surprise me when they write their letters to Santa.

You’ve been talking months about this specific thing and now you’ve changed your mind? Well, guess what kid? Santa is getting that thing you’ve been talking about for months. In fact, his elves tinkered it up a month ago. But if you stay on the nice list, he might just bring you this new thing on your list too.

Sound familiar? Sometimes I feel like I need to have my kids write their Christmas wish list in the summer, that way Santa knows exactly what to keep his eyes out for. What better way to do that than with this free printable “Dear Santa” letter?! No matter when I have my kids complete their wish list, this printable letter to Santa is ready to go.

How to Print the “Dear Santa” Letter

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Free Printable "Dear Santa" Letter

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