is the Affordable Way to Display Your Photos {Giveaway} is the Affordable Way to Display Your Photos #gatorboard #foamboard #FoamCorePrint is the Affordable Way to Display Your Photos #gatorboard #foamboard #FoamCorePrint
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When it comes to home decor, I love to display family photos throughout my home. We have photos up in just about every room. From traditional picture frames and photos, to canvas prints, and now we’ve added a few Gator Board Prints.

I was recently looking for something to add some love to my kids room. I’ve been trying to make their room more lively lately, so when looking for prints to display I thought it would be perfect to get some Gator Board Prints of the two of them. is the Affordable Way to Display Your Photos #gatorboard #foamboard #FoamCorePrint

I call it the Sibling Love Series and I’ve placed them in a small and awkward space of their room, the wall area just outside their closet. It was white and boring, but with the addition of their new Gator Board Prints, that space is now adorned with their sibling love.

Gator Board is a type of foam board that offers a more sturdy solution to traditional foam board printing. Just to give you an idea, traditional foam board can easily bend, dent, and is generally a lot more fragile. So you could say Gator Board is the tough, protective big brother to it’s baby sister, foam board.

Gator Board comes with an all black border and back, which I love because it gives a shadow type of effect, and it’s super lightweight. So if you ever find yourself moving to a new place, Gator Board Prints definitely won’t weigh down a moving box like traditional picture frames will. is the Affordable Way to Display Your Photos #gatorboard #foamboard #FoamCorePrint is the Affordable Way to Display Your Photos #gatorboard #foamboard #FoamCorePrint

You could say one of the downsides of Gator Board is that there’s nothing on the back to hang it with, but personally I actually prefer this. The back of the print is completely flat and this allows me to use the double sided sticky Command strips to stick them to the wall. You get that floating effect and there’s no damage done to either the Gator Board or the wall.

It’s perfect for us since we currently rent, but even if you own your home, the less damage you do, the better, right? I mean, what if you decide to change things up one day and move your prints to a different room, or a different place in the same room? I would hate to be left with a nail or hole in the wall. is the Affordable Way to Display Your Photos #gatorboard #foamboard #FoamCorePrint

Printing on foam board is THE most affordable way I’ve found to display my favorite photos and images, while keeping the quality of the photo. And my favorite place to order them from is

Price depends on the size you want, but Gator Board Prints from start at just $0.15 per piece! If you’re looking to do a nice small collage, or even grow a display into something large and eye catching, it really doesn’t get more affordable.

As for my Sibling Love Series, I love the idea of over the years adding more brother/sister photos to the display. I’ll continue with the same size and maybe once a year go through all of my photos and choose three more to add to it. And when the kids are older, it will be fun to have this Sibling Love Series of Gator Board Prints to look back on.

What is your favorite thing about Gator Board Prints?

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60 thoughts on “ is the Affordable Way to Display Your Photos {Giveaway}

  1. I love that there isn’t anything to hang them with & they look very light where double sided tape would even hold them up. We are also renting and putting a hole in the wall makes me cringe everytime since I know I will be filling those before we move out.

  2. The price sounds very reasonable. My wife has mentioned a similar product that she saw, so I’m definitely going to check this out.

  3. I like that they can just stick to the wall and give you that floating effect. These looks so realistic too.

  4. I like the ways that you can hang and set up these pictures. I have several areas that i could fix my pictures to look great!!!

  5. I hate causing damage to the walls too! So my favorite part is the flat backs that allow for Command strips to be used to hang the pics!

  6. I’ve never heard of this type of photo before but I love the idea of it! I love the black border and the sturdiness of the photo!

  7. I love that you can have your own pictures on there that look high quality and is affordable! All of our pictures are on our phones now, and I’d love some prints like this to hang on the wall!

  8. I appreciate that they are affordable, lightweight & versatile to where I could arrange them to fit in any room.

  9. I like this because it’s such a unique, beautiful way to display memories. I’ve never seen anything like it before!

  10. The lightweight part sells me. I’ve wanted some big framed pics in my daughters room, but was worried about rowdy playing and knocking one down – broken glass and bonked heads! These are the perfect solution!

  11. OMG! I need this to hang up all my wedding photo’s. The price sounds amazing and I like how it make the pictures stand out more! Thanks for sharing this with me!

  12. The prints looks so gorgeous and vivid. I like this idea of making a tile art using kids photos. A great reminder of sweet memories.

  13. Wow! I was not sure what you meant by foam, but when I saw the pictures I totally get it. I think that is a great idea for posting pictures on! I would love to get some for our home.

  14. I love how they look when all together on the wall! I’d love to put together some of our geocaching photos from the last year!

  15. Gator Board Prints from is a great way to display your photos. I love that the Gator Board is so cheap and will be looking into these prints for sure. These would make for great gift photos too. Thanks for sharing the information.

  16. I like that they are lightweight, living in California I am always concerned with hanging items above the beds because of earthquakes, this would solve that issue.

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