How to Find Local Events in Your Area

How to Find Local Events in Your Area ~ #howto #localevents #makingtimeformemories

Do you ever see your friends or family attending fun local events that you literally had no idea were even happening? That was me. Or at least it used to be. Once I realized how to find local events in my area, everything changed. From free events, to kid-friendly fun, I’ve found a few sources that keep me up-to-date on what’s happening around here. Want to learn how to find local events in your area? I think I can help!

How to Find Local Events in Your Area ~ #howto #localevents #makingtimeformemories

I’m creating this post in the month of October. That said, this month alone will bring tons of Halloween events, from trunk-or-treating, to pumpkin patches, to Halloween parties, and more. There’s no way I can keep up with them all.

Not to mention the upcoming holiday months are going to bring even more events for Thanksgiving and especially Christmas. But if you think about it, there are events happening all year round. There are events for eeeeeeeverything.

Here’s how I stay in the know!


It’s rare these days to find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account and Facebook is a great way to learn about upcoming events in your area.

A simple search on Facebook, like “events in (insert your area),” will pull up specific event pages and also show Facebook groups for events in your area.

For the specific event pages, like this fall festival coming up at one of my local parks, when you mark yourself as “Interested” you’ll get a reminder when it gets closer to the event. As busy as life gets, sometimes we need a reminder to take a break and enjoy ourselves. And obviously, you can click through to the page to get more info on the event.

How to Find Local Events in Your Area ~ #howto #localevents #makingtimeformemories

As for the Facebook groups for events in your area, it’s as simple as joining those groups and checking their feed from time to time. Sometimes when I’m just scrolling through my own Facebook feed, I’ll see new event posts from the groups I’ve joined and I’m like, “Hey, that looks like fun! Let’s add it to the calendar!”

How to Find Local Events in Your Area ~ #howto #localevents #makingtimeformemories

Magazines & Newspapers

This one will vary from area to area, but where I am, there are a few different local magazines and newspapers that I can get for free.

Some areas around here get free local newspapers delivered to their homes. I don’t at my house, but my parents actually used to have a paper route they’d do to earn extra money and those newspapers were free to those they delivered to. Not sure how those lucky areas were chosen, but it was free to them. Do you have something like this where you live?

I just pick up local magazines around town, at places like the kids’ doctor’s office and the library. The magazines are focused on family and kids, and new issues come out every month.

How to Find Local Events in Your Area ~ #howto #localevents #makingtimeformemories

Since I have 3 kids, we attend a lot of family-friendly events, so the family/kids focus of free magazines, like Lee County Family News & Kids Events and SWFL Parent & Child, are perfect for us. Each magazine has a section for monthly events, making it easy for me to plan family fun!

Find out if anything like this exists in your area!


Sometimes, free media sources like the local newspapers and magazines I just mentioned, are online. You may not even have to go looking for them.

But if nothing like that exists in your area, there may still be websites that focus on local events. One that I check out from time to time is I found the site by simply doing a search online for “events in southwest florida.”

How to Find Local Events in Your Area ~ #howto #localevents #makingtimeformemories allows me to narrow down events by region, so it not only shows me what’s happening in my own backyard, but it also shows me what’s happening around me. Who knows? I might be up for a day long road trip just to get out of the house and do something fun.

When we lived in Miami, one of my favorite websites was Munchkin Fun. I subscribed to the site and would get email newsletters that contained upcoming family events in the area. At the time, it was the only way I kept up with upcoming events.

How to Find Local Events in Your Area ~ #howto #localevents #makingtimeformemories

Eventbrite is another favorite of mine. I like it because I can use it almost anywhere, even when we’re traveling. Eventbrite let’s you narrow the events down by date, location, and even the type of event (family, film, food & drink, holiday, music, etc.).

Do an online search to see if something like this exists for your area!

I’ll also add here, that blogs can be a great local website resource too. A lot of times, us bloggers are contacted to help promote upcoming events in our area (and even give away tickets or admission), so we may know about events before anyone else. Is there a local blogger in your area? Seek them out and subscribe to their newsletter!

If you’re in the Southwest Florida area, I cover some events in Ft. Myers, so feel free to join the Making Time for Memories Community!

Now that you have the resources, you just have to decide which events you want to attend! Happy memory-making!

Have you found a great resource for local events in your area?

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How to Find Local Events in Your Area ~ #howto #localevents #makingtimeformemories    How to Find Local Events in Your Area ~ #howto #localevents #makingtimeformemories