DIY Printable Garden Markers

DIY Printable Garden Markers ~ #DIY #freeprintable #gardenmarkers #vegetablegarden

A couple of weekends ago my kids and I started some seedlings for our spring vegetable garden. And well, because the kids are involved (which I love) we needed some garden markers to keep the seedlings straight. So I worked a little mom magic and created my own DIY Printable Garden Markers.

DIY Printable Garden Markers ~ #DIY #freeprintable #gardenmarkers #vegetablegarden

We decided not to do a vegetable garden last year because we knew we’d be moving over the summer, but now that the move is all over and we’re settled in, we’re all in for a garden this year. About 2 weeks ago, the kids and I sat down in the backyard and started some seedlings – tomatoes, bell peppers, and lettuce.

DIY Printable Garden Markers ~ #DIY #freeprintable #gardenmarkers #vegetablegarden

I love that my kids are interested in growing their own food (even though my picky eating oldest son won’t eat any of it), but it comes with some challenges. They always want to stick their hands in the dirt. Now that the seedlings have started sprouting, they want to poke and touch the plants. And just shortly after we finished planting the seedlings, it didn’t take 5 minutes before they had them all mixed up.

I knew we needed some kind of garden markers to keep them straight, but I didn’t want to spend any money on it. So I sat down and created my own, and even went beyond the vegetables we actually planted – potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, and more. We’ll be adding more and more vegetables each year, maybe each month (I have big plans for our garden), so I wanted to be prepared.

DIY Printable Garden Markers ~ #DIY #freeprintable #gardenmarkers #vegetablegarden

I love that I was able to do these with stuff I already had around the house and they’re cute too. All it takes is something to use as a stake (we used wooden skewers cut in half), a little tape, some scissors and the printable garden markers.

Just cut the markers out, tape them to a stake, and voila! DIY garden markers ready to go.

DIY Printable Garden Markers ~ #DIY #freeprintable #gardenmarkers #vegetablegarden

I would even go so far as to laminate the markers, if it were something I had readily available at home. The lamination will hold up better than the paper itself when a rain storm comes along, or the sprinklers come on. Definitely something I’ll be thinking about in the future.

The true test will be when the seedlings come to full bloom and we determine if we actually marked them right. I had them separated in a way that I could tell what was what, but these dang kids just couldn’t leave them alone for 5 minutes and already had them mixed up before I got the markers made. Eh, kids…what can you do? At least I’m better prepared for our next round of seedlings!

DIY Printable Garden Markers ~ #DIY #freeprintable #gardenmarkers #vegetablegarden

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What kind of vegetables are you growing in your garden?

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  1. These markers are really cute. It is a nice way to get kids to help with gardening. It is also a good way to make sure we can identify what we planted before the plants get to be full-sized.

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