Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start

Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start ~ #ad #LilMixins #MomsMeet #peanutallergy

When it comes to raising our kids, it seems like today us parents have so much more to worry about than our parents did.

We can’t let our kids roam the neighborhood by themselves. We worry about whether our kids are safe at school. The number of medical concerns we have to look out for is off the charts.

And on, and on, and on. Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start ~ #ad #LilMixins #MomsMeet #peanutallergy

No disrespect to anyone who has a food allergy in their home. Luckily, food allergies aren’t an issue I’ve had to personally deal with when raising my kids (knock on wood). But I hate that I can’t send cupcakes or eatable treats to school due to the fear a classmate may have an allergy.

Timothy can’t have gluten. Mary is allergic to peanuts. No dairy for Benjamin.

Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start ~ #ad #LilMixins #MomsMeet #peanutallergy

When I was a kid, my mom would send in cookies and cupcakes and all kinds of stuff to celebrate my birthday. Yes, these allergies existed when we were kids, but it seems like today it’s on a whole other scale.

My whole point is not to bash food allergies. They are serious and they can kill. Okay, Danielle. You’ve gone off on this parenting rant. Where are you going with this?

Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start ~ #ad #LilMixins #MomsMeet #peanutallergy

Peanut allergies – conquering them before they start. Peanut allergies are just one of the many food allergies that I’ve seen more commonly in my son’s classrooms. And new parents are always wondering, will my child be one who can’t tolerate peanuts? Do I have to put the peanut butter on a high shelf so he can’t get to it?

With Lil Mixins, it’s possible to help conquer potential peanut allergies before they even start.

Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start ~ #ad #LilMixins #MomsMeet #peanutallergy

~This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lil Mixins. I received this product for free from Moms Meet for purposes of facilitating this post. This post also contains affiliate links, in which I will receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. As always, opinions are still 100% my own.~

What is Lil Mixins?

Lil Mixins Infant Peanut Powder is an easy way to introduce peanuts to your little one, as early as 4 months old. Babies aren’t born with allergies, and science shows that introducing foods early and often will help eliminate a potential allergy.

Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start ~ #ad #LilMixins #MomsMeet #peanutallergy

Why choose Lil Mixins over actual peanut butter? Well, for one, the consistency of Lil Mixins is easier for younger infants to handle versus thick, creamy peanut butter. When mixed with baby food, breast milk, or baby formula, Lil Mixins Infant Peanut Powder doesn’t get thick or clumpy. It keeps a smooth, liquid consistency, making it easier for small infants to consume.

Here are some more details about Lil Mixins Infant Peanut Powder.

  • Made with 100% organic peanuts.
  • Designed for babies starting at 4-6 months old.
  • Each serving (2 tsp) contains the recommended amount of peanut protein.
  • Contains 0 sugar, no salt, no additives and is non-GMO.
  • 1 jar of Lil Mixins will last until your baby is old enough to safely eat peanut butter.

The best part is Lil Mixins is as easy as scoop, mix and serve! Just follow the 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 method.

4 – Start as early as 4 months old. As soon as baby is ready for solid foods, you should start introducing nuts and eggs in a safe form. (Lil Mixins has an egg powder too!)

3 – Serve 3 times per week. Regular exposure is important, but don’t worry if you miss day.

2 – Mix 2 scoops per servings. Each serving (2 tsp) has just the right amount needed.

1 – Continue until 1 year old. Once you use up your Lil Mixins (1 jar = 3 month supply) your baby should be old enough to start eating peanut butter or scrambled eggs.

So, my kids are out of the infant stage, but my friend (first-time mom) who has an 8 month old has been texting me lately and wanting all kinds of advice. The latest, is her daughter has been teething and she wanted to know some tricks for help with relief. As I was telling her about a simple treat that I would give my own kids at that age, it dawned on me that she could also incorporate Lil Mixins with it.

I asked her if she had started introducing peanuts to her daughter. Her answer was no. The pediatrician hadn’t mentioned anything to her about starting to introduce peanuts. This was a shock to me because my two youngest kids’ pediatrician mentioned it for them at about 4-5 months. Unfortunately, we didn’t have Lil Mixins then.

In my talk with her, she agreed it would be a good idea to introduce peanuts and I gave her a really simple treat that incorporates Lil Mixins, but also helps with relieving teething pain. I’m just going to call them Frozen Nutanas.

Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start ~ #ad #LilMixins #MomsMeet #peanutallergy

Sliced frozen bananas have always been one of my kids’ favorite teething treats. They still enjoy frozen bananas now that they’re a little older too. Plus, they’re simple to make. Just slice a banana and freeze the slices.

I thought, why not cover the banana slices with some Lil Mixins mixture and then freeze them. It will not only help with teething relief, but also introduces peanuts at the same time. At that point I set out to test it and ya’ll, it is a really delicious treat. Not gonna lie. I would eat these, myself, as a snack during the day.

Here’s what I did and what I shared with my friend.

  1. Mix 2 tsp of Lil Mixins Infant Peanut Powder with 3 Tbsp of water. You could also use breast milk or baby formula, instead of water.Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start ~ #ad #LilMixins #MomsMeet #peanutallergy
  2. Slice a banana and fully coat the banana slices with the Lil Mixins mixture.Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start ~ #ad #LilMixins #MomsMeet #peanutallergy
  3. Lay the coated banana slices across a sheet of wax paper or in some flat Tupperware.Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start ~ #ad #LilMixins #MomsMeet #peanutallergy
  4. Freeze for at least 1 hour (overnight is best) and enjoy!

Easy, right? And oh, so tasty!

Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start ~ #ad #LilMixins #MomsMeet #peanutallergy

I gave my friend a jar of the Lil Mixins since I had an extra one, but also told her that if she wanted to order another, it’s available on Amazon for $24.99.

Or, it’s also available on the Lil Mixins website for $19.99 + 20% off with promo code MOMSMEET20, but it does require paying for shipping.

Did you introduce peanuts when your child was an infant? Do you have a peanut allergy in your home?

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Conquering Peanut Allergies Before They Start ~ #ad #LilMixins #MomsMeet #peanutallergy