Chuck E. Cheese + CAULIPOWER = Fun for Everyone

Chuck E. Cheese + CAULIPOWER = Fun for Everyone #ad #ChuckECheese #CAULIPOWER #SuperCauliCrust #pizza

As the summer winds down, we’ve been trying to get in some last minute fun before my son heads back to school. Yesterday, we spent our Freestyle Friday at Chuck E. Cheese. Ya’ll, I haven’t been there since I was a kid! So of course some things have changed, including the menu, but what has stayed consistent is the fact that it’s a great place to make memories.

Chuck E. Cheese + CAULIPOWER = Fun for Everyone #ad #ChuckECheese #CAULIPOWER #SuperCauliCrust #pizza

~This post is sponsored by CAULIPOWER, but the content and opinions expressed are my own.~

I don’t have a lot of fun childhood family memories myself, but I do remember going to Chuck E. Cheese – the games, the pizza, the animatronic band, and who could forget Chuck E. Cheese himself?

It’s been so long since I’ve visited and my kids have never gone, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. On the whim that I have good childhood memories about Chuck E. Cheese, I loaded the kids in the car and we went to check it out, in hopes of making more fun memories.

What we found were the same beloved arcade games and small rides, pizza with a new twist, the animatronic band is gone (Can’t say I’m mad about that. They were a little creepy.), and Chuck E. Cheese is still his fun, comedic self, singing the day away.

Chuck E. Cheese + CAULIPOWER = Fun for Everyone #ad #ChuckECheese #CAULIPOWER #SuperCauliCrust #pizza

Before we could even get in the door, the kids could peep the arcade games through the windows, so when we did go in, they wasted no time at all getting their Play Passes (All You Can Play) and going straight for the fun. They tried it all – air hockey, shooting games, racing games, basketball, ticket spinners, and more. I got in on the fun, too!

Chuck E. Cheese + CAULIPOWER = Fun for Everyone #ad #ChuckECheese #CAULIPOWER #SuperCauliCrust #pizza

After about an hour, I noticed they started to get a little hangry and it was affecting their fun. We hadn’t eaten breakfast (my mistake), so I knew it was only a matter of time. But never fear! I knew just what to do. I ordered some pizza! 

And not just any pizza. Unknown to my kids, I ordered the new Super Cauli Crust pizza powered by CAULIPOWER. This wasn’t the first time my family has tried CAULIPOWER pizza. In fact, we’ve been buying and eating it at home for a few months. 

Chuck E. Cheese + CAULIPOWER = Fun for Everyone #ad #ChuckECheese #CAULIPOWER #SuperCauliCrust #pizza

If you’re not familiar with CAULIPOWER, it’s the #1 better-for-you-pizza, the #1 cauliflower crust pizza, and the #1 gluten-free pizza. The Super Cauli Crust pizza couldn’t be more perfect for the place “Where A Kid Can Be A Kid.” 

Chuck E. Cheese is the #1 place for kids’ birthday parties. Just think about all the kids who’ve been missing out at birthday parties because they couldn’t enjoy the cake and pizza due to dietary restrictions. Not anymore! Chuck E. Cheese and CAULIPOWER are making sure everyone, kids and parents alike, enjoy their experience to the fullest and make memories to last a lifetime.

Chuck E. Cheese + CAULIPOWER = Fun for Everyone #ad #ChuckECheese #CAULIPOWER #SuperCauliCrust #pizza

The fact of the matter is my kids can’t tell the difference, other than the Super Cauli Crust pizza has a thin crust. But for me, it’s a total mom win because I’m sneaking veggies into their favorite food. Well, maybe not a total mom win. I didn’t get a slice. Their hangriness was real because they scarfed down the whole pizza before I even had a chance. And please don’t tell them their pizza is full of veggies. They may never trust me again. 

To make my kids’ first experience at Chuck E. Cheese even sweeter, just as they finished eating, Chuck E. Cheese himself, made an appearance. Summer memories accomplished!

Chuck E. Cheese + CAULIPOWER = Fun for Everyone #ad #ChuckECheese #CAULIPOWER #SuperCauliCrust #pizza

Want to make your own family memories with a visit to Chuck E. Cheese? Find your closest Chuck E. Cheese location here and take this coupon with you (just click and print). You’ll save ½ off the Super Cauli Crust pizza powered by CAULIPOWER with a $10+ “All You Can Play” games purchase, through 8/4/19!  

Offer Terms and Conditions: Offer valid on Super Cauli Crust pizza powered by CAULIPOWER only and does not include toppings. Valid at participating locations, while supplies last and expires 8/4/19. Limit 1 per transaction. An equivalent games purchase of 30 tokens is required in locations without Chuck E.’s Play Pass.

When was the last time you went to Chuck E. Cheese?

Chuck E. Cheese + CAULIPOWER = Fun for Everyone #ad #ChuckECheese #CAULIPOWER #SuperCauliCrust #pizza

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