Christmas Juice Pouch Printables

Christmas Juice Pouch Printables | #DIY #juicepouch #Christmas #freeprintable

I love sending fun goodies to school with my son, so his class can enjoy every holiday. I am the classroom mom, after all. My favorite thing to send is juice boxes or pouches. What kid doesn’t like juice? And they don’t cost me an arm and a leg to get for the whole class. To make the juice boxes/pouches all the more fun, I always decorate them according to each holiday, and Christmas is no exception. This year I’ve created some cute Christmas character printables for juice pouches and you can print them for free too!

Christmas Juice Pouch Printables | #DIY #juicepouch #Christmas #freeprintable

Not only are these Christmas juice pouch printables great for classroom goodies, but they’re also perfect for holiday gatherings, parties, stocking stuffers, or maybe this year Santa doesn’t want milk. He’d rather have some apple juice with his cookies. Leave him and Rudolph a juice pouch by the tree!


Christmas Juice Pouch Printables | #DIY #juicepouch #Christmas #freeprintable

Christmas Juice Pouch Printables | #DIY #juicepouch #Christmas #freeprintable

Free Printables

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Merry Christmas!

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  1. (Christmas Juice Pouch Printables) Wow! This are a really cute idea to make with my five year old grandson for his drink pouches. I know he would really like this cute idea.

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