Charter Fishing Boats: A Fun Family Adventure

Charter Fishing Boats: A Fun Family Adventure ~ #ShakeNBaitCharters #familyfun #FloridaKeys

When you live in Florida, there’s no doubt that some kind of memories will be made in or on the water – a trip to the beach, a day of sailing, a swim in the pool, a day on the lake, or a family fishing trip. I remember taking family fishing trips as a child and want to make the same memories with my own kids. Things have changed since my childhood days of fishing and now charter fishing boats take the experience to the next level. We’ve had our eye on Shake N Bait Charters, a little further south, in the Florida Keys.

Charter Fishing Boats: A Fun Family Adventure ~ #ShakeNBaitCharters #familyfun #FloridaKeys

~This is a sponsored post on behalf of Shake N Bait Charters. As always, opinions are 100% my own.~

I have fond memories as a child, fishing with my grandmother and uncles. At the time, a family friend owned some large property that included a nice sized pond in the very back. We would gather all our supplies – fishing poles, tackle box, worms (we’d dig our own from the compost pile), and drinks and snacks – jump in the car and head to their house just 5 minutes down the road.

When we’d arrive at the friend’s house, it was about a 5-10 minute walk to the pond. We’d go through an old cow pasture and trek through the woods to get there. Luckily, the owner always kept a trail to the pond mowed down, so it was accessible. We would spend hours sitting by the pond, hooking worms on our fishing poles and hoping for any kind of bite.

As any fishing trip goes, we’d have some successful ones and some not so successful ones. Regardless, those fishing trips are something I will never forget.

That was in North Carolina, which has just one coast. Now that we live in Florida, we’ve got water everywhere we turn. And with making memories on my mind, a family fishing trip is just what we need.

Charter Fishing Boats: A Fun Family Adventure ~ #ShakeNBaitCharters #familyfun #FloridaKeys

We’ve been wanting to take a trip to the Florida Keys and my parents, who have been, recommended we try a charter fishing boat. Just take a day, hit the water with the kids and make some stress-free family memories. So, we’ve been looking into it and I think I’ve found my family’s next adventure.

I came across Shake N Bait Charters in Islamorada, FL (80ish miles outside of Key West) and it looks like so much fun. The Shake N Bait is a Cavileer 44 Convertible, with a cruising speed of 32.3 mph. And with 16 fishing rod holders, how could we not catch something?!

Charter Fishing Boats: A Fun Family Adventure ~ #ShakeNBaitCharters #familyfun #FloridaKeys

Shake N Bait Specs:

  • Top-end speed of 38.9 mph.
  • Cruising speed of 32.3 mph.
  • 404 nautical mile fuel range.
  • Quiet 60dB engine.
  • 150 square-foot cockpit.
    • 4 tackle drawers.
    • 7 cubic-foot refrigerator/freezer.
    • 16 fishing rod holders.
    • State of the art custom tackle.
  • Built-in, insulated 77.5” x 15.5” x 16” fish box.
  • 60 gallon live well.
  • Stateroom includes:
    • Satellite color TV.
    • Stereo for your favorite jams.
    • 2, 18” x 21.5” x 49” lockers for storage of any valuables.
    • 6’5” headroom.

The captain of Shake N Bait, Captain Jack Falcucci, has been fishing the waters up the whole east coast of the US, from Maryland to Florida, since 1980. If I’m taking my family on a charter fishing boat, I want my captain to be experienced, and experience is exactly what Captain Jack has. No disrespect to age at all, but he’s been fishing longer than I’ve been alive! And from what I can tell, he seems to make even the most novice of fishermen, families included, feel like pros.

Charter Fishing Boats: A Fun Family Adventure ~ #ShakeNBaitCharters #familyfun #FloridaKeys

I’ve also been looking at the types of fish that are usually caught while on a trip with Shake N Bait Charters. No lie, many of the fish are as big as my kids. Captain Jack and his crew will even clean, fillet and bag the fish we catch (as long as they aren’t catch and release), for us to take home and eat. Or there are local restaurants that will cook the fish for us same day.

When was the last time you caught, prepared and cooked, and ate your dinner? … Exactly. I don’t even think I need to add to that, “in the same day,” because it’s simply not common anymore.

Anyone up for some Mahi Mahi?

Welp, I’m wiping my hands. My research is done. Say no more. I’m ready to hit the open ocean with Shake N Bait Charters! I can only imagine the faces of my kids when they catch their first fish, especially if the fish are as big as they are. I certainly never caught any fish like that in our family friend’s pond, so it’ll be a new experience for me too. It’s time for some family memories on the water!

Have you ever been on a charter fishing boat with your family?

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