Can Playing Fortnite Put You at Risk for Identity Theft?

Can Playing Fortnite Put You at Risk for Identity Theft? | #Fortnite #identitytheft #scams

Anyone with a gamer in the house knows just how hot Fortnite is right now, me included. Both my boyfriend and son are obsessed. My boyfriend is even looking on USave to see if he can find a better broadband deal that is affordable but fast enough to stop the game from lagging. But can playing Fortnite put you at risk for identify theft?

Can Playing Fortnite Put You at Risk for Identity Theft? | #Fortnite #identitytheft #scams

You may have noticed recently while playing Fortnite, a screen that comes up reminding you not to share your passwords with anyone. As soon as I saw this, I knew something must be going on. Then I came across an article titled, “While You’re Playing Fortnite, Fraudsters are Looking to Play You,” authored by Matt Tatham, the manager of content insights and data analyst at Experian. I thought, oh boy, here come the scams.

Because the game is so popular in my house right now, the article piqued my interest, especially because my 6 year old son plays. He doesn’t always know what he’s doing or pushing because he doesn’t take the time to slow down and read things on the screen. I wanted to make sure it was safe for him to play and that he’s not putting his father at risk for identity theft and such, considering it’s his father’s sign-in info he’s playing under. Delving into the article, I found just what’s going on.

Being a victim of scams and identity theft isn’t an issue of actually playing the game, but it’s going outside of the game and sharing information you shouldn’t be sharing, that puts you at risk. If your kids are playing, make sure they’re aware of these scams. The tips Tatham shares in his article should be common sense to adults, but kids may not be aware.

One of the things Tatham brings up is a common Fortnite scam, where you watch YouTube videos and follow the directions in the video to receive free V-bucks, virtual Fortnite money used to buy new gear. These are scams! Oftentimes the videos will ask for account specific information and if provided, can allow the user on the other end to access your personal information, like payment info.

The scamming even goes beyond that. Fortnite is currently available on iOS devices, but it is NOT yet available on Android devices. If you have an Android device, do NOT download any app posing to be Fortnite because it’s not official. If you download one of these apps, you’re simply downloading spyware and adware, and I’m sure you have quite a bit of personal information stored on your phone. It’s identity theft just waiting to happen.

It’s important to always think smart about offers that seem to be too good to be true because inevitably they are! If you want tips on other areas of Fortnite, such as the best equipment to buy like keyboards etc, then you might like to check out Battle Royale Insider. There are so many ways to maximize the enjoyment you can gain from the game.

Just play safe and keep practicing your Fortnite dance moves!

For more details and safety tips, read Tatham’s full article HERE!

Have you seen any of these Fortnite scams?

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Not aware of any scams & always wondering what extra things to do to protect so really appreciate the info!

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