How to Create an Epic Easter Egg Hunt on a Budget

How to Create an Easter Egg Hunt on a Budget

Easter is right around the corner and with that, you’re likely to have excited kids wondering if the Easter Bunny will deliver all the chocolaty goods. Easter Day, kids across the country will be searching in gardens, homes, and other fabulous locations where the annual Easter egg hunt is taking place. But is the Easter Bunny prepared for this big task? Let me help you create the most epic Easter egg hunt your kids have ever participated in, while keeping you on budget.

How to Create an Easter Egg Hunt on a Budget

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Did you know the Easter egg hunt tradition started back in the 16th century in Germany. The eggs were hidden because they gave the meaning of spring and new life. Fast forward to today, and now many of those eggs are chocolate goodness, with kids all over the world taking part in the tradition.

As you know, a lot of the credit goes to a particular bunny, much like Christmas is favored by a certain fellow in a red suit. But it’s us parents that are left with the stress and build-up in preparation for the Easter egg hunt to take place. Don’t you worry! I’ve got some tips to help you not only create an epic Easter egg hunt, but how to do it on a budget.

The Eggs

Let’s start with the hunt’s primary purpose: the eggs. In today’s modern world, you would usually hide chocolate eggs, but there are other things you can consider that help keep the cost down. 

Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate treats are the highlight of every Easter egg hunt. Even I enjoy a few egg-shaped Reese’s every Easter. But buying lots of chocolate candy gets expensive. Instead, you can buy Easter egg-shaped chocolate molds and create your own chocolate Easter treats. While it may take a little more time and effort, buying chocolate candy melts in bulk can work out much more cost-effectively. Plus, you also have the molds for future Easter occasions. 

This video from Krista Creates shows how easy it is to make your own Easter eggs, while also customizing them for your kids.

Plastic Eggs

Another suggestion is to buy plastic eggs and fill them with goodies. This is usually the route I take because the eggs are affordable (Hello, dollar store!) and they’re great for reusing. Plastic eggs can be saved and used again next year, or they can be used for everyday fun and learning. My daughter is currently in pre-K and I absolutely love the idea of using plastic Easter eggs for a spin and spell learning activity, like the one below. If you’re short on other ideas, check out this list of 50 uses for plastic Easter eggs.

And specifically, if you have kids with an allergy to milk, chocolate wouldn’t be appropriate. In this case, plastic eggs are a great substitute for chocolate ones. They may not be edible, but there’s certainly no shortage of excitement when hunting for plastic Easter eggs filled with non-chocolate treats.

Since we’re on a budget, let’s also consider some cost-efficient plastic egg fillers. One of my favorite low-cost egg fillers, are written out rewards or coupons. A little slip of paper in a plastic egg that reads “30 minutes of extra game time,” or “FaceTime with a friend” are just as exciting as typical Easter treats.

Or do your kids like to put jigsaw puzzles together? Buy a new puzzle and place 1-2 jigsaw pieces in each plastic egg. At the end of the hunt, or even as the hunt takes place, have your kids put the puzzle together. This promotes family time and teamwork, as well as saves you money on other types of egg fillers.

Real Eggs

Last of all, you can use real eggs. I wouldn’t recommend using them in raw state because that can get pretty messy, but hard-boiled will get the job done. Using real eggs allows you to buy them in larger numbers, saving a ton of money, and making it an ideal choice for bigger families. Not to mention, dying and decorating Easter eggs is a fun family event.

dying Easter eggs

Like chocolate eggs, when the Easter egg hunt is over you can eat the hard-boiled eggs. They make a great snack on their own or you can use them to make dishes like egg salad for sandwiches, deviled eggs, pickled eggs, chop them up to top leafy salads with, and more.

Does it get any more budget-friendly than turning your Easter egg hunt supplies into dinner for the family?

The Clues 

Once you have the eggs squared away, the next thing to think about are the Easter egg hunt clues. I know not all Easter egg hunts use clues to help the kids find all the eggs, and may be more of a free-for-all, which is totally fine. However, my kids love following clues that lead them from one point to the next. Ultimately, the goal is to create an epic Easter egg hunt and adding the element of anticipation definitely adds some adrenaline.

Whether you create your own Easter egg hunt clues or use the printable ones below, there are some things to keep in mind. The more personal and cryptic you are, the better the hunt will be. And this is where you will need to consider some of the following aspects. 

Easter egg hunt

The Location

Where do you plan on holding the Easter egg hunt? Thinking about the location and some of the best hiding places can help you develop your clues. Look for hidden spots and utilize color, ornaments, and symbols to help create cryptic clues. Here are some prompts for hiding places to help you get started:

  • Bird feeder
  • At the bottom of a tree
  • On top of a tree branch
  • Inside a bush
  • In garden sheds or outbuildings (use what’s inside them as clue prompts)
  • Patios and decks
  • Inside your home in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, or living spaces
  • Plant pots
  • Window sills and door frames
  • Basements or attic space

Turn the Clues Into a Game

If you want to do something a little different or perhaps extend the activity somehow, in addition to finding Easter eggs, turn the clues into a game. Each clue could reveal a letter, which then creates a hidden word or message. This could be the final clue for where a giant Easter egg or basket is hiding. You could even use it as an opportunity to make it educational by incorporating history, spellings, or encouraging your kids to read the clues.

Printable Easter Egg Hunt Clues 

This post is about saving money while creating an epic Easter egg hunt, but I know time is also a factor. I thought it would be a great idea to help you also save time while planning your epic Easter egg hunt this year. That said, I’ve put together a printable set of 12 indoor Easter egg hunt clues.

Printable Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Clue Cards

I think every clue is pretty relevant to any household, so I’m really hoping this printable comes in handy. The household locations in the set include, in order from start to finish:

  • Your child’s bed
  • Dirty clothes hamper (just lay the eggs on top)
  • Microwave
  • Dining table
  • Refrigerator
  • Couch
  • TV
  • Dishwasher or kitchen sink
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bathroom sink
  • Dresser
  • Front door (Where the ultimate Easter Basket or big surprise will be, if you’re doing that.)

This printable takes the time completely out of planning clues. Just print and place the clues in the correct places throughout your home.

Use What You Have 

Finally, when it comes to family fun, you don’t need to search the stores for all of the Easter-themed things. Often you can use what you have in your home to make something fun and memorable, just like the reward coupons as plastic egg fillers.

So, what do you have at home that you can use. Consider some of these and let your creativity take over!

  • Crayons, pencils, and paints to decorate eggs.
  • Use food coloring, or fruit and veggies to dye eggs.
  • Basic notebook or printer paper to write clues on.
  • Have a ball pit at home that your little kid plays in? Hide plastic Easter eggs in the ball pit to make it more fun and challenging.
  • And simply get up a little earlier so you can hide the eggs in secret, just like the Easter Bunny.
painting Easter eggs

If you want to make the Easter egg hunt seem like an adventure, then hide eggs outside of your home, such as in a park, a local field, or even get neighbors or other family members involved.

For many of us, Easter just wouldn’t be the same without the annual Easter egg hunt. I hope these budget-friendly tips help you create the most epic Easter egg hunt your kids have ever experienced and puts a smile on everyone’s faces, including yours.

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