Blast Box is a Banging Good Time #SummerFun

Blast Box is a Banging Good Time! #SummerFun #Zing #picnicgame #BlastBoxGame
Blast Box is a Banging Good Time! #SummerFun #Zing #picnicgame #BlastBoxGame
~Thank you to Zing for providing Blast Box for review. As always, opinions are still 100% my own. This post also contains affiliate links, in which I will receive commission for your purchase.~

I love finding games that are great for the whole family to play and sometimes that’s hard because my kids are so young (5 y/o and almost 2 y/o). They don’t always quite understand the concept of certain games, even one’s that are age appropriate, and it can get frustrating for everyone.

Blast Box by Zing happens to be one that all of us enjoy and even the kids understand what it’s all about. Since getting the game, Blast Box has been played over and over and over. My son literally asks to play every day and I can already tell it’s going to be a major part of our summer fun plans.

How to play!

Setup and play of Blast Box is super simple. For each player (up to four), a balloon needs to be inflated and placed under the box. Don’t worry, the game includes a handheld pump to blow up the balloons.

Blast Box is a Banging Good Time! #SummerFun #Zing #picnicgame #BlastBoxGame

The object of Blast Box is not to pop a balloon. Each player takes a turn with the spinner, which indicates how many nails they have to hammer into the box (if any). If you pop a balloon, you’re out and the last person standing wins. Easy peasy!

I love that it’s even safe for my youngest one to play. The “nails” are flexible plastic pieces and aren’t sharp at the ends. The tips are a dull rounded shape, but they’re pointy enough to pop balloons when hammered in.

And although a simple concept, Blast Box requires some strategy. In the beginning, we’ve found that starting around the outside of the box is a pretty safe way to go. But when you get to a point where there are multiple nails hammered into the box, it starts narrowing down the possible locations of remaining balloons.

You have to strategize and determine where it would be safe to hammer a nail without popping one of the balloons. It’s also a good idea to pay attention so you can see which nails actually did pop balloons. Maybe your next move should be in that same area, since you know a balloon has already been popped there.

Blast Box is a Banging Good Time! #SummerFun #Zing #picnicgame #BlastBoxGame

My kids must be lucky, or maybe I’m unlucky, but I actually understand how to strategize in this game, while my kids don’t really get it quite yet. They just love banging the nails in and hoping they don’t hit a balloon. Yet still, they beat me just about every time!


From playing Blast Box so many times, there are a few tips I’d like to share that will help make the game run smoother.

The first tip involves inflating the balloons. As I mentioned before, the game includes a handheld pump for easy inflation. The game also includes small cardboard balloon holders to keep the air in the balloons and also double as weights to keep the balloons in place under the box.

Blast Box is a Banging Good Time! #SummerFun #Zing #picnicgame #BlastBoxGame

I’ve found that the trick to easily attaching the cardboard weight without popping the balloon is to inflate the balloon, keep it on the pump, twist the end to tighten it and slip the twisted part into one of the cardboard slots. Then slip it through the second slot and remove the balloon from the pump.

Trust me, I’ve popped and fiddled with enough of the balloons to have a good grip on this, haha!

My second tip involves the box itself. If you’re playing on a flat surface, you may need someone to hold it in place. If not, there’s a good chance someone will knock into the box and when it moves, the nails will bend and allow space for the balloons to move underneath. Here’s an example.

Blast Box is a Banging Good Time! #SummerFun #Zing #picnicgame #BlastBoxGame

We got down to two players, but only one nail slot left. That just doesn’t make sense. If there’s only one nail slot left, then one of the remaining players should have already popped a balloon. When I turned the box over to check it out, this is what I found.

Blast Box is a Banging Good Time! #SummerFun #Zing #picnicgame #BlastBoxGame

You can see that some of the nails are slanted, making room for the balloons. This likely happened when my kids kept knocking into the box. The nails were already in place and when the box moved, the balloons pushed into the sides of the nails. So when the next nail was hammered in, it missed the balloon.

Playing in the grass (this is an awesome picnic game, by the way) or the carpet is probably ideal because the box won’t move as much.

Have your own banging good time!

Blast Box is so fun that it’s actually temporarily out of stock on Zing’s website! You can preorder it now ($19.99) for the next shipment, or you can head over to Amazon and get it sooner ($24.99). But note that even Amazon has a limited number available!

Would your family enjoy playing Blast Box this summer?

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*Thank you to Zing for providing Blast Box for review. My opinions are still 100% my own and in no way influenced by the brand. Any claims or statistics should be confirmed with the brand.  This post also contains affiliate links, in which I will receive commission for your purchase. Please see this blog’s full policies and disclosure here.

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  1. This looks like a fun and interesting game to play. I find it interesting that the balloons didn’t pop during your playing of the game. I imagine that doesn’t happen very often .

  2. This looks like a lot of fun! I’m always looking at different board games and activities for my kids and they would love this since they love banging on things!

  3. this looks like such a cute game and a great way to help the kids stay unplugged during the summer! I need a few new board games and am definitely putting this one on my must-have list!

  4. Okay I seriously need to pick this up! My kids would love it so much! They’re always looking for fun games to play and this looks great!

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