Making Time for Fun in the Sun: Beach Tent

Making Time for Fun in the Sun: Kany Portable Cabana Beach Tent

It may not officially be summer according to the calendar, but school and the weather say otherwise. And you know what that means? Tons of fun in the sun!

We made our first beach trip of the summer this past weekend and had a blast. One thing that’s important in this Florida sun and heat is trying to stay as cool and shaded as possible. And don’t you worry, we all had our sunscreen on. As a child (and admittedly even a young adult) I’ve had my fair share of major sunburns, so I’m taking every precaution to ensure my kids don’t endure the same.

One of the new additions we’ve added to our beach gear is the Kany Portable Beach Cabana Tent. I absolutely love this thing and it’s definitely going on every single beach trip we take from here on out. Whilst we like to use our beach tent, some of my friends prefer to bring an umbrella with them if we ever go to the beach, which is fine. I just think that it is important to stay protected when being out in the sun all day.

Making Time for Fun in the Sun: Kany Portable Cabana Beach Tent

It’s very compact for it’s actual size and comes with it’s own carrying case, but when you pull it out and it automatically pops open, it’s love at first sight.

Notable Features:

  • Made of flame resistant nylon fabric with 50+ UV protection.
  • Includes 6 metal ground stakes for stabilization.
  • Design includes outer side pockets on both sides.
  • Comes with shoulder strap carrying case.
  • Automatically pops up when taken out of case.
  • Easy to fold and place back in case/no disassembly needed.
  • Mesh section in back allows airflow.
  • Great size at 65″ x 59″ x 43.5″.
  • Very lightweight at only 2.2 pounds.

Making Time for Fun in the Sun: Kany Portable Cabana Beach Tent

It was definitely much hotter and brighter than the pictures lead you to believe, so we needed all the shade we could get, especially for our little ones. But I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised at how large the Kany Portable Cabana Beach Tent is.

You can see the exact measurements in the description before purchasing, but sometimes those can be hard to gauge. When I pulled the tent out and it popped open, I was really surprised. I had asked my boyfriend just moments before if he wanted to go to the beach, but he said no because it was so hot out. But as soon as the tent popped open and he saw what we were working with, he agreed to go if he could sit in it, haha.

Making Time for Fun in the Sun: Kany Portable Cabana Beach Tent

I would say you can comfortably fit about three people inside and if it’s just for the little ones, then maybe four or five. The cabana beach tent provided us all with the right amount of shade we needed and has been one of the best purchases I’ve made for all of our summer fun in the sun.

And not only can you use the Kany Portable Cabana Beach Tent at the beach, but you can take it anywhere you want – camping, a sporting event, a day at the park, on a picnic, fishing, or even just hanging out in the backyard. At just $33.99 it’s worth every last penny!

Shop for the Kany Portable Cabana Beach Tent here.

How do you beat the heat at the beach?

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22 thoughts on “Making Time for Fun in the Sun: Beach Tent

  1. I like to get a tan, so I am in the sun the whole time, but I know lots of people that like to get a break from the sun so this is PERFECT for them.

  2. We just bought one like this! We are going to test it out this weekend when we go on a quick weekend vacation! Looks like it worked well for you!

  3. Oh my goodness, now this is just perfect. We love hitting the beach, but need the shade, too… I am totally going to have to look to have this on hand. Thanks so much for sharing

  4. These beach tents are a great idea. I remember when we had to bring an umbrella to the beach, and it was super awkward to carry and hard to keep from blowing away.

  5. That’s an awesome tent! I love putting them up for my girls. We don’t really have much for beaches around here, but I would get one of these if we ever did go. I love that it keeps them out of the sun.

  6. Making sure that you and your little ones have a safe haven when the sun becomes too much is important. Taking a break and then getting back out in the sun for fun sounds like the perfect day.

  7. I really like this and all my kids go often with their Great Aunt to the beach. I need to invest in this

  8. That is a cute beach tent! I never thought about getting one of these, it would be good to have. I definitely need to get this so we can have it for our next trip to the beach

  9. I live in South Florida and the sun is so brutal we don’t get to the beach as much as we’d like to but this tent could change that!

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