Baby Shark Party Ideas

Baby Shark Party Ideas - Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

Has Baby Shark taken over your home? The catchy Pinkfong song and fun shark characters have definitely hit our home. My youngest son recently turned 2 and deciding on a theme was a no-brainer. My Baby Shark is getting a Baby Shark birthday party!

Let the party planning begin!

Baby Shark Party Ideas - Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo

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Dress the Part

toddler wearing a Baby Shark T-Shirt

With any themed party, I really enjoy getting my family to dress up along with whatever the theme may be. Sometimes my convincing works and sometimes it doesn’t. This time around, I didn’t have much luck.

I really wanted to order these fun family Baby Shark shirts from AbcCustomDesigns. They have designs for the whole family – mommy, daddy, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, uncle, auntie, and of course, it wouldn’t be a Baby Shark family without the baby. Needless to say, my family was not amused.

Since I couldn’t convince everyone to get on board, I did ensure that at least my Baby Shark had his own themed shirt.

When you want to get the whole party in on the theme, and not just the immediate family, these Pinkfong Baby Shark masks will surely do the job. They would also be great takeaways for your party-goers.

Baby Shark Party Decorations

Baby Shark character mylar balloons

Next on the party planning list, was decorations. It’s not a party without balloons, so that’s where I always start. In this case, I set out to find actual Baby Shark shaped balloons and was so happy to find exactly what I was looking for!

My go-to for any party decoration is Amazon. After a quick search, I found a pack of 5 Baby Shark balloons that included the whole Pinkfong Baby Shark family. They were perfect for my son’s 2nd birthday party and when the day came, he seemed to love them as much as I did!

Here are some more of my favorite Baby Shark party decorations.

If you want to get everything in one sweep, this Baby Shark party pack is all you’ll need! It’s got the balloons, birthday banner, table cloth, plates, napkins, utensils, gift bags, cake topper, and more.

One thing many of us don’t think about are the things we already have around the house. Do your kids have Baby Shark toys in their room? Bring ’em out! They just add to the theme.

And don’t forget, you don’t have to go literal with the Baby Shark decorations. The balloons for me were a must-have, but the rest of the decor could easily be an under the sea type of thing, or a general shark theme. Mixing and matching between themes works amazingly well to get the outcome you’re looking for.

Baby Shark Party Sweets

Every birthday party calls for cake of some kind, even if it’s a cookie cake or my kids’ favorite, an ice cream cake. Anything else doesn’t really much get eaten around here.

I just purchase an ice cream cake from one of the local grocery stores and add a party theme cake topper. For our Baby Shark birthday party, I found these mini Baby Shark toys that were the perfect size to act as cake toppers. The best part is after the party was over, they became bath toys for my son!

ice cream cake with mini Baby Shark figures as cake toppers

If you prefer a soft, fluffy cake or maybe even other types of sweet treats, here are some great ideas.

And check out these adorable Baby Shark cakes by NERDY MUMMIES. They are too perfect for a Baby Shark party.

You can find the ball cake pan needed for the NERDY MUMMIES Baby Shark cakes here.

Baby Shark Party Food & Drinks

The party sweets tend to come towards the end of the party, so let’s talk about creating a Baby Shark table spread so everyone can eat and snack during the party. With a little imagination, everyday foods become most seaworthy, attracting every shark in the area.

  • Watermelon Shark (I really wish I had made one of these for our party. The kids would have loved it.)
  • Black or Blue Tortilla Chips – Shark Fins
  • Salsa or Queso – Sea Chum
  • Cheese Triangles – Shark Teeth
  • Crunchy Cheetos – Coral
  • Large Sub Cut into Portions – Submarine Sandwiches
  • Individual Bags of Goldfish Crackers and Chips – Fish & Chips
  • Sandwiches Cut into Star Shapes – Starfish
  • Sliced Cucumbers – Sea Cucumbers
  • Bell Pepper Slices – Octopus Arms
  • Carrot Sticks – Crab Legs
  • Goldfish Crackers – Shark Bait

Serving some of the snacks in small sand buckets or on a shark buffet tray is a fun way to stay with the party theme.

As for beverages, I can’t think of anything more fun than Ocean Water Punch by For the Love of Food!. Serve it up in a large punch bowl, add some shark fin ice cubes and it’ll be easy to stay hydrated while shark hunting!

Baby Shark Party Activities

I don’t know any little party-goer who doesn’t love a good game. These Baby Shark themed games are easy enough and fun for even the smallest of attendees.

little boy playing the Baby Shark Bean Bag Toss game

The mini Baby Shark toys that I used as cake toppers would be great for the Ice Block Shark Hunt and Shark Bucket Toss activities. I always try to repurpose and use what I have when it fits with the theme. I hate spending more than I need to on items that will only be used once.

Baby Shark Birthday Gift Ideas

Toys are typically the go-to for birthday gifts, but there are actually quite a few gift options outside the realm of toys. Here are a few of the gifts my Baby Shark got for his 2nd birthday, plus some additional gift options.

Razor Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter

The highlight of gifts during our Baby Shark’s birthday party was a Razor Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter, in the shark design of course. Everyone else in the family had their own set of wheels, with the exception of our youngest son. Now he has is own wheels, and is learning how to maintain his balance and gain all the confidence he needs to master a 2-wheeled ride.

Razor Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter standing on its own - home product shot
You will likely notice the cushioned handlebars are missing. Unfortunately, our puppy chewed them off…I swear if the kids aren’t wreaking havoc, the puppy is.

Features of the Razor Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter

  • Low deck keeps shorter legs and smaller feet closer to the ground, making it perfect for little learners.
  • 3 designs to choose from – toothy Shark, daring Dinosaur and fantastical Unicorn – all featuring a unique colorful deck and 3D eye.
  • Built with steel-reinforced handlebars and large, extra wide, slow-rolling wheels for a smooth, sturdy ride.
  • Soft foam handlebar grips provide a comfortable and friendly touch point.
  • Recommended for ages 30+ months (2.5+ years).
  • Max weight is 44 lbs.

Besides the fun shark design, we really love the extra wide wheels. If the scooter can stand alone, balancing itself with no support, there’s no doubt it will help early learners gain their confidence on 2 wheels.

toddler boy trying to figure out the Razor Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter
4 year old girl riding a Razor Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter on the sidewalk

Since our little shark just turned 2, he’s still a little skeptical about rolling around on his feet. But his 4 year old sister has had no problem showing him how it’s done. He loves to do everything his big brother and sister do, so it’s only a matter of time before he masters his new Razor Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter.

Beyond the scooter, here are a few other fan favorite gift ideas.

toddler boy sitting in his blue plush shark chair

So, there it is! Lots of fun ideas for creating a great Baby Shark themed birthday party. Can you think of anything else needed to make it perfect? Let me know and I’ll see what I can come up with!

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Baby Shark Party Ideas - Doo Doo Doo