Hi! My name is Danielle.

As a mom of three, I take on many roles – chauffeur, chef, housekeeper, teacher, tutor, nurse, psychologist, event and vacation planner, and my favorite – Chief Memory Maker (CMM).

I’m sure you can imagine that with everything on my plate, my time is quite exhausted, but it doesn’t stop me from making time to create memories that will last forever. That’s why CMM is my favorite role as a mom and no memory-making opportunity is too small. Hello, trips for frozen yogurt after a hard soccer match.

There aren’t many things about my childhood that I vividly remember. That’s not something I want for my own kids, so I’m always looking for ways (big or small) to create memories that will stay with them always. And hey, I’m still living life too, so not every memory made is one for the kids.

Here at Making Time for Memories¬†you’ll find all kinds of things (mostly) family-friendly. Don’t be alarmed if us parents take a weekend getaway or two. For the most part there will be:

Family/Entertainment – because a family that chills together, enjoys the frills together.

Food/Recipes – because lots of memories are made in the kitchen or around the table. Plus, I love to eat and cooking is fun too.

Fun/Travel Adventures –¬†because everyone needs a break from the everyday and what better way to make memories than an awesome vacation, even if it’s more of a staycation.

A little more about me and my family…we moved from beautiful and sunny Florida, to cold and rigid New Jersey, and back to Florida again. Sometimes life just takes us to different places. Luckily, since I work from home, I have the ability to live just about anywhere. As long as there’s internet reception, I’m there.

While being a mom certainly doesn’t define me, it’s a big part of who I am. My kids are ages 7, 3, and under 1, so we have lots going on. School, extracurricular sports, swim lessons, and diapers galore. As the smaller ones get bigger, the list will only grow (at least the diapers will be gone though).

Before becoming a blogger, I earned my Master’s Degree in Health Services Administration. I have worked in the Health Information Management field, as well as, the legal field. In fact, I still dabble with minor legal tasks here and there, as I’m needed. I guess you could say becoming a blogger was pretty much out in left field compared to my work history, but I love what I do.

Want to know anything else? Let me know!