Photo a Day: Weeks 44, 45, 46

Photo a Day: Weeks 44, 45, 46 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear

Photo a Day: Weeks 44, 45, 46 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear

Week 44

Photo a Day: Weeks 44, 45, 46 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear
This week had some pretty fun moments. Us girls painted our toe nails, my son took his first subway ride in the city, and the kids played in the water outside, or at least Sadee Cakes got her “feet wet.” She also fell asleep in a pretty awkward position on the chair. She was kind of upside down, but looked comfortable so I just left her. The kids also got new coloring books and I found some fun black/white photos in my phone that the kids must have taken. In one my son is showing off his stick, which now resides in his room. It has become one of his favorite play things.

Week 45

Photo a Day: Weeks 44, 45, 46 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear
Sadee Cakes is all over my photo roll this week, well, because we spend a lot of time together since brother is in school. I did sneak him in once with his after school snow balls. When is this snow going to stop? As for the other kiddo, she had a lot of fun this week. We (I) practiced french braiding her hair and I’d say it’s getting better, but I still need some practice. She pulled out the old classic tape recorder toy and hit a few notes, and for whatever reason decided to ride her rocking tiger with her feet in the air. Whatever, she was having fun. She even got all the goodies at the doctor’s office even though I was the sick patient. Kids get it all.

Week 46

Photo a Day: Weeks 44, 45, 46 | #photoaday #photoadayforayear
This week was my son’s spring break from school and quite frankly, I never had a spring break that I couldn’t really go outside because of the weather. One day it was nice enough to go to the park, so we jumped at the chance, and another day we just went for a short walk, but aside from that we’ve been stuck inside. Not to mention I’m still sick. So, we’ve been learning to clean. The kids helped mop the floor and my son helped wipe down the inside of the fridge. They also enjoyed some Easter candy and on one of the rainy days, Sadee Cakes brought the rainy fun indoors, using a large umbrella as a sort of tent/shelter to play in. I don’t know what I’d do without these kids.

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